Fans to boycott Leeds cup match?

Loyalty of superb fans has been sorely tested

Loyalty of superb fans has been sorely tested

The very idea of boycotting their beloved Newcastle United is something that most NUFC fans would never usually consider, but that is exactly what was on the agenda as a possible course of action proposed at a recent fan’s meeting held to voice the concerns of various fan groups who think that Mike Ashley needs to change his method of running this football club, or get out entirely.

The fans have overseen a thoroughly disappointing Premier League campaign last season, as well as the ludicrous appointment of Joe Kinnear, which was compounded with the disappointing summer transfer window, many fans are left enraged at the direction that Mike Ashley is taking the club and would like to send a strong message to the Newcastle United owner that enough is enough.

The default setting of Newcastle fans, particularly those born and bred within the city, is to support the team through hell or high water; a trait that must be lauded in its purest form, and many of these fans would see this course of action as a last resort, but surely the fact that it is even being considered as an option goes to show the depth of many fans’ despair at Mike Ashley’s ownership?

The general consensus is that hitting Ashley in the pocket is the only way that will make him wake up to the reality of the situation he has caused, but given that a large proportion of the fans who go to league matches are season ticket holders who have already paid down on their ticket, the financial implications of a boycotts are null and void, as Mike Ashley already has their money! However, the upcoming Capital One cup match could potentially afford the fans with an opportunity to hit Ashley where it hurts; his wallet!

Even though I am not a Geordie who regularly attends St James’ Park, I still think the idea of a boycott is one that could potentially send an incredibly strong message, as well as deliver a well deserved financial hit to the owner, however I am well aware that the drug of St James’ Park could be too addictive for many to give up.

I think it is positive that fans are at least opening up their eyes to Mike Ashley’s tenure in charge of the club and are seemingly unwilling to accept being demeaned and short changed any longer. Maybe a boycott is not the way forward, but let’s get our heads together and decide what is the best course of action to force Mike Ashley’s hand and deliver a better future for the club we all love dear.

What do you think?

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  1. A boycott of the cup game will get his attention. My fear is that he will pretend to look for bidders again like last time, hope for a few wins and it goes quiet again. Hope he just gets the hint and bogs off!


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