Gouffran the new Lovenkrands?

Signed him on a free from Germany...

Signed him on a free from Germany…

Pardew has been going into used car salesman mode ever since the window slammed shut and the Newcastle United manager was left high and dry up the proverbial creek without a paddle; not that I feel any sympathy for him.

What I mean by that is that he rolls himself out in front of the camera, bigs up some of our fringe players in an attempt to hide the fact that another summer transfer window has come and gone and Newcastle United have failed miserably. But all is not lost! We didn’t need to sign Aubameyang, or spend that extra 450k for Gomis, or negotiate wages with Darren Bent, because we’ve been saved by a familiar face; Peter Lovenkrands…well not quite, but we’ve got our very own Lovenkrands in our midst in Yoan Gouffran…apparently.

Here is what Ashley Schaeffer ahem I mean Alan Pardew had to say

Gouffran, we felt, really pushed on when he got in the team last season. It will be interesting to see how he does this season,”

“He is a really terrific lad, a wholehearted player, and someone our fans do already appreciate.

“I think he’s like Peter Lovenkrands in that he’ll give you absolutely everything. He will run all day and night for the team. His attitude is fantastic.

“I think our supporters appreciate those type of players. So it will be interesting to see how he does this year.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Peter Lovenkrands. This is a guy who came back days after his own father’s funeral to kick us on for promotion to the Premier League, so I am not going to insult him, rather I am going to suggest that while he did give us everything, what he had to offer us at Premier League level was rather limited. Why did Alan Pardew not reference former key players such as Kevin Nolan or Joey Barton if he simply wanted to make a reference to a player who would work hard for the cause? Or is this Pardew subtly saying, in Gouffran, we have a relatively limited but hard working player on our hands?

Like I said, I love Lovenkrands, the man is a NUFC hero in my book for his part in the promotion back to the Premier League, but this comparison doesn’t inspire me with confidence, if anything, it highlights how desperately we needed to sign a proven striker, I’ve a feeling it may be intentional…

What do you think?

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    1. Yeah an attacking winger. I think he could play well this season providing the players around him perk up a bit. Big season for him if he can chip in with at least 5 goals i think he’ll be fine. Better than lovenkrands for me, but only just so far!


  1. Good article ‘Ruddy’ but a bit harsh on Lovenkrands – his finishing was probably better than Goofy’s and he popped up with some important goals even in the premiership.


  2. Actually, I wanna see Sammy Ameobi plays more, and then we can judge him.

    Anyway, Our current squad does not too bad except Cabaye, he shouldn’t be wear Toon uniform anymore.


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