Newcastle United in danger of going down

He looks worried too...

He looks worried too…

Newcastle United are in for a “long hard nine months” that could ultimately end in relegation, that’s the opinion of former Toon ace Tommy Cassidy.

Speaking to TalkSPORT, the former Northern Ireland International said,

“In my opinion they needed two strikers and at least another midfield player, but they haven’t got them in, and it’s going to be a long struggle this season for them.

“They’re in danger of going down. I hope they don’t, obviously, because the fans had enough of the relegation dogfight last season and they don’t deserve that.

“Newcastle United supporters are so loyal to the club, but it’s going to be a long, hard nine months.”

I like to hear the opinion of former players, especially those who spent a long time at the club, because we know that a lot of former players become lifelong fans themselves even if they are not from the region, such as David Ginola, Rob Lee and Pavel Srnicek, so it is interesting to hear how worried Tommy is about our situation this season.

Personally, I think the team needed at least another striker, and I also would have liked the team to buy either a left and right-winger or specialist attacking midfield players who could provide some width and put a decent cross into the box, which is an area we are severely lacking in. I don’t think we need an extra midfield player but added fire-power was a necessity, so if we’re lacking in goals we could be in trouble.

However, I think that with the first team available to us when everyone is fit we should be good enough to stay up, so long as Coloccini is there to marshal the defence, Krul avoids the injuries that plagued him last season, and we get Cabaye’s head back in the game linking up with Cisse again. If we can manage all of the above, we should achieve a comfortable mid table finish. Not spectacular, but nowhere near relegation.

Are we in relegation trouble? Let me know what you think.

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  1. I’m back, but only as it’s compulsory.

    Are we in relegation trouble? No, not yet, nowhere near. The worry is the potential, especially after last season (and all those lessons that we learnt…honest we did…).

    This season could still go any direction, given the current mood surrounding the toon mind, I’d be surprised if confidence is in full supply within the team, a huge factor imo in both our 5th and 16th placed finishes. So that doesn’t bode too well.

    There are two arguments for whether the squad should be able to handle this season. One is that we have a stronger team than the one that we started with last season and the other that we have a weaker squad than we finished last season with. Realistically, the squad if ok, could certainly use some work (as can all squads every year…hence the frustration of 1 loan signing for the upcoming season…hello?!?), but without horrific injuries / loss of form we should be alright and we don’t have the EL to deal with, which was always going to be a learning curve with Pardew as manager, as no matter what your opinion is of him, it was his first attempt at it and he was hardly backed for the experience.

    So then, a season of lets wait and see, where no fan would be too surprised to see us pushing for 8th or struggling for survival. Is that an indication of how the league has changed or Mike Ashley and his ambition for Newcastle United…perhaps a little of both?


    1. Confidence does seem to be a massive key in any success/failure we suffer as a team. Going on a long unbeaten run in the first 13 games of 2011/12 season set us up to maintain that going through the season, whereas a shaky start marred by injuries last season saw us playing catch up, and ultimately failing to ever truly get going into any type of rhythm.

      Not having the EL this season, while disappointing, should see us perform a lot better in the PL, purely because our squad won’t be stretched as thinly as it was last season, so there should be less tired legs out there this season, however, if Pardew insists on playing Jonas and Tiote over the more creative type players, I will be extremely annoyed, and not one bit surprised if we are struggling for results.

      We are numerically weaker than we were last season, and we’ve lost players of tremendous PL experience in the likes of James Perch and Danny Simpson, both of whom at the very least, could provide cover for our first team, although the loan signing of Loic Remy gives us a bit of added quality in my view, but if he gets injured, or any of our key players (Krul, Colo, Cabaye, HBA) get injured, then we will be thin on the ground once more.

      Mistakes are being repeated, which isn’t a sign of poor management or lack of awareness, this is deliberately done by the owner. Hopefully his reasons for doing so are related to rumours of him looking to sell. However, he could simply be trying to make as much money as possible without spending anything.

      There is no wait and see for me, as I think the best we will do this season is finish 10th, which isn’t good enough, worst case scenario, we get relegated. It’s up to Pardew now… 😦


  2. imo we are not in fear of relegation purely through the fact our players are already settled in and a lot of teams have a lot of new signings new to there players and the league which in theory could take upto 6 month’s to settle into there teams.

    those 6 month’s should give us a nice points boost away from relegation (second half of season will prob be different though.

    my fear is where we are heading as remy will be leaving us at the end of the season and we needed a striker or 2 in and settled ready for next season even if we forget this season !

    rate us at around 10th-8th at the end of the season and thats mostly thx to remy tbh.


    1. I agree that the likes of Norwich, Villa, Sunderland and Swansea have all made a lot of signings and, in theory, could take a lot longer to settle in, whereas we’ve a more ‘settled’ squad in terms of how long they have played together. However, with the likes of Cabaye supposedly refusing to play, and Cisse in a stink over Wonga, I would argue that our squad is anything but settled. In fact I would say that we have a lot of unhappy players in our team.

      What would your opinion be if in the next 6 months, we are behind Swansea, Norwich, Villa and Sunderland?


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