Does this player have a future at NUFC?

Magic Mike...

Magic Mike…

It takes all kinds of people to make the world, so too does it take all kinds of players to make a squad. You have the flair players, you have the enigmatic players, you have the consistent players, you have the hard working players, and then you have the players who you wonder how the hell they ever managed to make a career as a professional footballer in the first place. I am afraid that Mike Williamson falls under that last bracket.

Having signed from Portsmouth in the 2010 Championship season, Mike quickly established himself as first choice centre back alongside Coloccini following an injury to Steven Taylor. After promotion back up to the Premier League he actually looked pretty decent pairing up alongside Fabricio Coloccini, but in fairness, my nan would look decent alongside Colo. When Taylor returned from his long injury lay off, it appeared that both players were battling it out to be Newcastle United’s No 2 centre half, with Taylor eventually coming out on top. The general feeling about Williamson was that he was a decent, if unspectacular centre back, with limited ability. Many fans attributed our lack of ability to play from the back on his poor technique, and as such many fans no longer wanted to see him in the starting line up.

Newcastle United signed Mapou Yanga M’biwa in January 2013 and Mike Williamson was pushed even further down the pecking order yet he still managed to make 19 appearances over the course of last season, even if many of those came in the first half of that season.

As we headed into the summer transfer window it appeared that Williamson would have certainly be one of the first names for the exit. A 2 million pound move to Cardiff was touted but never materialised, and the club went on to sell utility man James Perch, someone who used to cover centre half quite frequently. The window has shut, Williamson is still in the squad but surely with the continued development of Remi Streete and Curtis Good, Mike’s first team opportunities are going to be at a premium.

The reality is that Mike Williamson’s presence in the Newcastle United squad is indicative of the lack of ambition that the owner, Director of Football and perhaps even the manager, have for our club. A player as sub-standard as Mike should be plying his trade at a Championship club, or a Premier League club fighting relegation. Could be famous last words though….we could yet be fighting relegation this season.

Am I being too harsh on Wor Mike? Is he a decent squad player? Should he have been replaced in the summer? Let me know what you think.



  1. It’s a tricky one if you ask me. What do I think about ‘this player’…
    Whilst Mike may not be a top player I think he can still do a job when called upon, although hopefully he doesn’t get the call too often… One thing you can’t question is his attitude. He has never spoken out about the club or had a negative approach to life at NUFC. Maybe that means he could be a great role model for Streete and Good, or is he surplus to requirements as Collo can be looked up to as well. Can’t really make up my mind. I suspect he is one of the lowest earners at the club, so the decision to keep or get rid shouldn’t have too many consequences.


    1. Thought you’d like the “this player” 😉 haha

      The only consequence that I think is rather damaging is that Mike’s inclusion in the first team squad is blocking the development of a younger centre half. If Mike is only a 4th choice CB then why don’t we shift him on and use the likes of Good or Streete to occupy that position and use them for cup games or as bench players as they would benefit from that role much more than Williamson would.

      I just think that while he has done a satisfactory enough job, his time is up as a Newcastle United player. Only my opinion though. But he is a model pro to be fair to him.


      1. I think you’re probably right mate. It’s just always sad to see a player go who never gave less than 110%, even if sometimes I have been angry enough to kill him. It’s hardly his fault we bought him and played him even though he isn’t EPL quality! I have very similar sentiments towards Jonas, gives his all week in week out, but unfortunately his all is just not good enough any more!


        1. I always appreciate a player giving his all for the shirt, but as far as I am concerned, that is the minimum requirement to play for NUFC, it should be expected that these players are going to fight and die for the black and white, not a bonus.

          As far as I am concerned, if you are not good enough, you should not be here, regardless of how much effort you put in. I would run until I gave my last ounce of breath for NUFC, but I’m terrible. I wouldn’t get playing for NUFC so why should these other sub-standard players?


  2. I don’t think including him in the squad is a mistake really. Playing him in front of the youngsters who don’t need to be registered in the 25 man squad on the other hand could be an issue.

    I think for the money we paid and the money we’d get for selling him, then there isn’t / wasn’t much point getting rid of him tbh. He is an okay option when needed.

    As for whether he has a future, I doubt it. He will, or at least should, be the first CB to be replaced as and when the club get round to doing so.

    Having said all of that, would have much preferred to see Perch stay instead as he is far more useful to the squad and can play the Willo role when needed.


    1. That really was a point I probably didn’t explore fully; the fact that Williamson was retained, and Perch was sold, despite the fact that he was as good an option, if not better, than Williamson at CB and he provided much more cover for the squad as a whole.

      I also felt that he could/should have been replaced in the summer. If we were to get 2 million pounds for him, as was reported when Cardiff was interested, I’d see that as a good deal.

      It’s encouraging that Good got playing against Morecambe, but that was down to Williamson’s injury at the time. I fully expect Willo to be 4th choice CB ahead of both Streete and Good.


      1. I was really impressed with Good against Morecambe. Not sure he’s ready yet, but I would imagine he should be keeping Willo away from our starting 11.


  3. williamsons as good as saylor imo and tbh i wouldnt have either in if possible >.<
    agree on good and imo think he's already better than williamson/saylor but if he's played and getting beaten regular it will damage his progress and needs to be brought in slowly.
    think we missed the boat on douglas tbh he would have been perfect untill good/streete was ready.


  4. We do not need shirt pullers at the heart of our defence. He gives the opposition too many opportunities to score by his mistakes because he is either too slow to think or too slow to react.Good pro but poor footballer.


    1. I’d be inclined to agree with you Peter. If all he is going to do is represent 4th choice centre half, then surely we can let the likes of Streete of Good show whether they are up to the task or not. If we are relying on Williamson to step up to the plate, then we’re in for a long hard season.


  5. Saylor’s injury record is poor, so if either Colo or Mbiwa pick up an injury we could be struggling, are the kids good enough, only one way to find out I suppose, but if there not good enough and we have 10/15 games where we are short then we would be lost without Williamson, we should only allow him to go when at least 1 of the kids have proved themselves, until we are in that position I would keep him.


    1. I’d rather give the likes of Streete and Good an opportunity though Spoof. They will only get better if we give them a chance. 15 games with Willo could be equally as disastrous as 15 games with Streete/Good. Why not let them sink or swim?


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