Ginola is in Yohan’s corner

Silky smooth...not bad with a football either

Silky smooth…not bad with a football either

We’ve all been there. We’re in a long-term relationship, it’s safe, it’s comfortable but it’s a little bit boring. You strike up a friendship with a female/male (no gender bias here folks) friend or work colleague. S/he’s flirting a little, you’re flirting back, and all of a sudden you find yourself in the throes of a passionate embrace. Perhaps, you think to yourself, I can upgrade to a better model. Maybe I am destined for better. Maybe I should ditch the long term comfort and security of my long-term relationship and see what is out there. Then all of a sudden the transfer window slams shut and you find yourself stuck at Newcastle United.

OK, OK, the analogy tailed off a little bit towards the end there, but that is the circumstance that Yohan Cabaye finds himself in following Arsenal’s supposed interest in the French International. The courtship ended with Cabaye supposedly refusing to play for Newcastle United in their first two league fixtures only then to find Arsenal’s interest in him waning as they made a big money move for Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. So Cabaye stays at Newcastle, left in a predicament with the fans following his purported ‘betrayal’ – a story lapped up by a vast number of fans – and now he faces a battle to win back the Geordie faithful.

But never fear Wor Yohan, for club legend David Ginola is on your side. Speaking to Sky Sports, the former left side supremo had this to say,

“He’s a great player – he’s done really good for the club,” “You have to put things in perspective. Sometimes you make a mistake and you have to be forgiven for that.”

“As soon as he steps back on the football pitch at St James’ Park,  he will wear the zebra shirt and that will be it, he will be back on track.”

Yohan has been making strides getting back into Alan Pardew’s good books, with the Newcastle manager reported to being “very pleased with [his] reaction”. Now all that is left is for us, the fans, to stand behind Cabaye and show him our support. All together now, “Don’t sell Cabaye, Yohan Cabaye…” No? Just me?

What do you think? Should we forgive and forget that easily? Was the Cabaye situation simply a case of him refusing to play? Will he find his form again for Newcastle United? Let me know your thoughts.



  1. Sorry not been on in a few days but your articles are canny 😉 wish i could enjoy them in real-time but maybe soon. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and a good performance against a good Villa side.

    As regards Yohan, I believe he thought he was away last summer let alone this one but lucky for us he has to play for his place in the World Cup next summer so we might see a great game from him once or twice atleast this season. He’s had his card matked though by the Toon faithful.


    1. Well if you’ve enjoyed them so far, you should enjoy the little shout out that’s going out tomorrow! (that’s right I plan articles in my head well in advance of writing them!) haha

      I’m moving over next Wednesday, maybe a pint on the weekend or some time the following week for a chat?

      As for Yohan, a few good performances, coupled with decent fluid football by the team and a couple of wins should see him right by 99% of fans. It’s in our favour that it’s World Cup year so here’s hoping that even if je wants away, he still needs to give it his all. Deschamps dropping him should be a wake up call.


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