Hatem needs consistency – Pardew

He's the problem...apparently

He’s the problem…apparently

I’d love to know what bloody planet Alan Pardew is on. Not only is he not content enough to count his blessings that we scraped a win at home against a terrible Fulham side in our last league game, but now it appears that he is intent on criticising Hatem Ben Arfa, the man who single-handedly delivered him that win.

Speaking to the media today, this is what the Newcastle United manager had to say about the enigmatic French star,

 “That’s what we are searching for with Hatem, a little bit more consistency in terms of him winning games, whether it’s an assist or a goal.

“He has fantastic quality. He is a player the fans love and he certainly got everybody out of their seats the last time.

“But we need a little bit more than that, more from him, more of those moments. I think he would be the first to admit that that’s the year he needs if he is going to break into the French team.”

Now I don’t know if Pardew now suddenly thinks he is Sir Alex Ferguson after his tactical changes actually positively effected the way we played in the final 15 minutes against Fulham, but I would have thought that instead of demanding more from Ben Arfa, he’d be looking more closely at the contributions of the likes of Papiss Cisse, (who has yet to score this season, and quite frankly, looks terrible). He could also take a closer look at the previous contributions of supposed favourites such as Steven Taylor, Jonas Gutierrez, and Cheick Tiote. What exactly do these players bring to the side Alan?

Now, that doesn’t mean that I disagree with Alan Pardew in the sense that I would like to see Ben Arfa get his numbers up, in terms of goals and assists, in order for him to fulfill his undoubted potential. Perhaps Alan Pardew knows that this sort of statement will fire him up and have him out to prove a point to the Newcastle United manager. However, there are many others who need to step up to the mark long before Wor Hatem.

You’re not doing yourself any favours here Alan.

What do you think? Do you think Hatem Ben Arfa needs to do more? Are there others more worthy of being called inconsistent? I’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. If the rest of the team was pulling their weight then Hatem wouldn’t have too do as much each game. You can see whenever he gets the ball he feels the pressure to do it all. If other players take on some responsibility themselves then Ben Arfa will just get better and better.
    I’m looking at you Moussa, Papiss, Loic, Yoan, Sylvain, Yohan….


    1. Davide, Mathieu, Vurnon, Cheick, Jonas, Mapou, Colo…the list could go on. Hatem, while not world class, is the best player we have purely on the basis that he is exciting to watch and he tries to do something, anything, to make things happen.

      If the rest of the team tried to make as positive an impact on the game as Hatem did then, as you said, he wouldn’t feel as pressurised, and he’d perform even better.


  2. Agree 100%
    Why single out one player? Especially whilst praising cabaye ffs!!!
    The whole squad need to up there game, yes benny can be frustrating to watch at times but at least he’s trying, unlike cisse who’s spent about a season now walking around aimlessly and offside!


    1. His statement sends out a message “the rest of the team don’t need to work as hard, so long as Ben Arfa keeps popping up with worldys” – or something to that effect.

      The one thing that Pardew seems to have going for him is man management. I sincerely hope that this means he knows Ben Arfa will respond well to this.


      1. You can see Ben Arfa loves the fans support here, he knows he is most peoples number one so gives everything he has to try and give us something to cheer about!

        You’re totally right tads, the way he is praising Cabs in particular is annoying me. But as Ciaran says, maybe Pardew knows better than us and is playing a blinder by criticising Benny….


        1. It’s either that or he has made an astronomical c*ck up. I’m still not too convinced about the whole Cabaye situation either. Granted, Cabs was very petulant when he came on. But perhaps that was down to the fact that he was getting booed for a situation that may not have been his fault ie Mike Ashley saving him for more money.

          Now Pardew could be praising Cabs to the nth degree because he feels he has to make up for the criticism he may have wrongly faced for the whole mess.

          Or it could be that Pardew is just an absolute idiot, Cabaye is getting false praise while our best player is wrongly getting criticised. Hmmm, I’m inclined to think it could well be the latter.


        2. I just can’t believe that Cabs wouldn’t speak out. Which points towards you’re 2nd conclusion.

          But then again, I was always of the opinion that Cabs wouldn’t leave for at least a year because his best mate Debuchy had came over. It would be a pretty shit thing to do to your mate, ask him to come over and play footy with you, then bugger off down the country. So maybe he is being forced to shut up. Why wouldn’t he just speak anyway?

          Maybe Cabs is scared Ashley will demand that Pardew leaves him out of the squad if he talks. That would mean Cabs would be too scared too talk because he would get left out of the world cup squad. But that is far fetched because why would Cabs be frozen out when he is one of our better players…

          I’m just rambling now.

          Nah, I have made up my mind. Pardew is an idiot.


        3. Well if Cabs refused to play, then the decision to criticise him would mean that Pardew is an idiot.

          If he didn’t refuse to play then that means Pardew is covering up Ashley’s tracks and trying to get the fans back on Cabaye’s side again. Either way it doesn’t look good for Pardew.

          Either way, I don’t disagree with trying to help Cabaye win over the fans, but for me, the best way for him to do that is by playing, and playing well.

          What I do disagree with, is praising Cabs and THEN criticising Ben Arfa. Seems ludicrous to me.


        4. A public apology, or confirmation of commitment, or just any positive message from our Vice Captain would be nice.

          I expect him to start against the Villains, everything Pardew has said points to that. If Cabs is in the right frame of mind now then thats probably the right decision, we need to get our best players on the pitch. Some fans would disagree.

          Seems ludicrouse to me too, but like you say, it could just be that Pards knows more about each players personalities than both of us.


        5. Like I was saying, one of the few things that Pardew has going for him is his man-management ability. I’m hoping his comments are with the two players personalities in mind.

          Cabaye should be starting tomorrow, anyone who thinks he should be on the bench is being a little short sighted in my opinion. 3 points are the most important thing, but I’ve a feeling we could be lucky to get out with a point.


        6. We’ll see mate. Hopefully it will be a good game and we get at least a draw! Still think Villa will be shaky defensively if we get at em


  3. Pardew has it all to do this season not Hatem imho. So who’s kicking Pardew up the backside?

    I just tried to watch Pardew’s pre-match interview and struggled to get to about 7 minutes,

    Sat in the Gallowgate on Wednesday night and we tried in vain to get the crowd involved. Apart from the contrived boo’s for Di canio, the welcome reception for Barton and well desreved cheering for Harps, I thought the crowd (around me atleast) were lazy, bored, boring and devoid of emotion, enjoyment and understanding of the situation.

    The Strawberry cornerish area did try their best but, again imho, in vain.
    The quality on the pitch far outweighed the quality in the stands.

    So to tomorrow and our reliance on Hatem, maybe a supporting role for our loanee and some marauding runs by Sissoko but I’m not convinced we’ll have enough for Villa’s youngish and organised team. I hope I’m wrong and wish atleast we put up a good team performance and come away with something.

    Forever the optimist.


    1. Mac

      If that’s optimistic, don’t ever let me see you when you’re down! Put on your happy face when we go for a pint lad!

      Disappointed if that was the case, especially in the Gallowgate. I’d have expected 90 mins of pure passion from the SJP faithful. I’m going to blame Ashley for that too though.

      Did you see the shout out I gave earlier on? Was a little tip of the cap to some fine fellows who are doing some excellent work. Haha

      As for tomorrow, I think I’ll be happy if we give it a go. But I’m feeling that by the end of proceedings tomorrow, I’ll be happy if we don’t get spanked to be honest.


      1. To be honest mate I was truely disappointed with the atmos back in the Gallowgate, could you tell from what I said? ha ha.
        For starters, sitting down is a little weird so I’d love to think we’ll get safe standing and I believe it’s the Gallowgate pencilled in for being safe-standing area if it does goes ahead. (In more recent years I’ve been more in Milburn/East stand)

        There was a group of us and we tried, really we tried but felt like everytime we got up to applaud a player off and new one on the pitch we were upsetting the people behind us! Strange indeed.

        What area of town are you heading for once back amongst us?


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