“I’m very proud of my team” – Hatem

HBA with his team-mates after going 1-0 up

HBA with his team-mates after going 1-0 up

Newcastle United had a great win yesterday away to Aston Villa where we were much the better team in the first half, and in spells in the second half, leaving many Newcastle fans delighted with the team’s performance, What will be even sweeter for Newcastle United fans around the world, is that Hatem Ben Arfa’s individual performance was outstanding. He ran the channels with purpose, kept the ball very well, and more importantly, was instrumental in both of our goals – scoring one, and creating the other, All in all, a very good day at the office.

In Hatem Ben Arfa’s post match interview, he makes some great comments on how he feels the team is developing, his own view on his great start to the season, and his hopes for Newcastle United’s season ahead. He speaks with real vigour about how “proud” he is of the team following yesterday’s performance. Which is something that we here at the NUFC Daily can most certainly agree with. You may be proud of the team’s performance Hatem, and we are very proud of you,

Here is the interview in full, if you would like to see it.

Leave us your thoughts and opinions on how you felt the game went yesterday.




  1. Lets hope we can keep him fit.

    I really hope Pardew doesn’t start messing around with formations/ team selection again either.
    Gouffran in for Cisse and play Remy through the middle. That’s the only tweak that needs to be made.


    1. Completely agree, I fail to see a formation where Cisse fits not to be honest. I’ve heard certain comments like “it’s all down to the service he gets”

      With HBA on one side and Remy/Gouffran on the other he still looked sh*te. What was his excuse then?

      He’s just an average player now and he needs to sit on the bench for a while


  2. he surely is a striker different to any other !!!
    he cant control or hold up/ has no passing skills / isnt the fastest or the brightest/always caught out of position or offside/misses some of the easiest chances.
    yet he seems to be a lucky player when on form !!! everything he hits goes on target from distance or a header where he doesnt look where its going goes in the top corner ect >.<
    imo our team would be better with a normal striker but you must admit a player like cisse gives you boasting rights when one of his goals is scored against a chelsea for example.


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