Cabaye says “sorry” to the fans

Hand-in-hand with manager Alan Pardew

Hand-in-hand with manager Alan Pardew

There is some interesting news on the club’s website that seems to shed some added light into the inner machinations of the Cabaye transfer fiasco that had cast a shadow over Newcastle United’s start to the Premier League season.

It would appear that Yohan Cabaye did in fact refuse to play for Newcastle United in their first two league games this season, based on comments the Frenchman made to

This is what the Newcastle midfield star had to say,

“It was very, very good to be back in the team; a really nice feeling.

“The most important thing for me is to be on the pitch and to play. I want to do my best for the Club, for the team, for everyone and, of course, I want to win every game we play.

“(The ovation) was very nice to hear. If the fans were – or still are – mad at me for what happened then I understand and I apologise to them.

“I want to come back from what has happened.

“For Newcastle fans, football is their life and I want to say that I am going to give everything – as I have from my first day here – from today until the end of the season.

“In your career you do not have a career without bad moments.

“I have moved on and now in my head I just want to work really hard, to get back in the team every week and to help the team – that is the most important thing for me.

“I want to forget what happened during the summer, I want to put it behind me and give everything for Newcastle every day, for the Club and for my team-mates.”

I must admit that I was extremely cynical about the club’s involvement in the Cabaye transfer situation. So much so, that I firmly believed that Cabaye had not refused to play at all but was, in fact,withheld by Mike Ashley in order to prevent any injury from occurring that would scupper plans to receive the full 25 million pounds that the Newcastle owner was reportedly looking for him.

Today’s comments certainly attempt to put a different spin on things, however, given the amount of lies, fabricated figures and false statements that have come from the club, (and still do! 30 million spent in January!?) it would not surprise me if the Newcastle United PR machine isn’t working overtime on this one.

Regardless of whether Cabaye refused to play or not, the fact of the matter is that Cabaye is a Newcastle United player, and as long as he gives 100% for the team, we should be supportive of him. The reception he received from the travelling Newcastle United support was first class, and we hope that Cabaye repays that back in kind with some top-notch performances, akin to those we grew accustomed to seeing from him in his impressive first season on Tyneside.

The best way to apologise to Newcastle United fans, is not through the club website, but on the pitch where it counts. Got on with it Yohan and we’ll forget all about it.




    1. Can’t see him being sold in January, in my opinion anyway.

      Think he has been placated with a guarantee that if he commits himself wholly to Newcastle United this season, the club won’t stand in the way of a move for him next summer.

      I also think we’re in grave danger of losing HBA for nowt next summer.


  1. Glad he’s actually said something, but as you say, he needs to show it when he plays from now until whenever it is he finally leaves. Words mean little, especially at our club it seems.

    Hopefully we can just move on from this. Not to say it should be forgotten.


    1. I’m still sceptical so I’m not going to judge wor Yohan on this situation at all. As long as he is giving his all on the pitch, I will be content.

      I am nearly certain he will be sold next summer though.


      1. As am I…Still, all anyone can do now is perform to the best of their ability.

        It will be intriguing to see what happens next summer. I assume we’ll see a decent effort from those with international aspirations, so you’d think good performances and then exposure at the WC, there could be some interest in some of our players…just a question of whether they can attract enough interest to achieve the price tags set by Ashley.


        1. Well I would imagine that our players are interested in playing out of their skin in World Cup year, hopefully they do and we see better performances all round. However, impressive PL seasons, coupled with impressive Euros will see intense interest on our players.

          I feel Cabaye is already gone next summer, question is, who else is?


  2. As for the apology, good for him as long as it is sincere, no doubt his performances will answer that, however when it comes to this outlandish claim of £30m spent, I heane a theory as to how Pardew got that figure,could Pardew have been using Transfer Markt players values for his sums rather than actual fee’s, this is their valuations

    Mbiwa £7.9m
    Debuchy £8.8m
    Haidara £2.2m
    Sissoko £10.5m
    Gouffran £6.6m

    Total £36m

    Simpson £2.6m
    Perch £2.6m
    Harper £0.0m

    Total £5.2m

    Balance £30.8m…werbe.html

    Now those sums are spookily close to Pardew’s guestamate, is his communication with Ashley so poor that he has to use Transfer Markt to find out how much he might have spent ?


    1. Well it’s wildly speculative, but who is to say that that’s not what he has done. I think he has been told to come out with that statement by the club. The reported fees for all the players we signed would have the signings at less than 20 million pounds.

      Gouffran – 1.5
      Sissoko – 2
      Haidara – 2.5
      Debuchy – 6
      M’biwa – 6.5

      Even if we factored in an extra couple of million for M’biwa and Sissoko, it would still be around the 20 million mark.


  3. cabaye was brought down to earth with a bump about the arsenal reserve comment i think !
    i dont blame him for wanting to leave when arsenal are interested btw as they are a bigger club and do reg get europe and top 4 finish where as we….er…dont >.<
    but he shouldnt have refused to play when we have always supported him ! looking forward to him using his feet and trying to make it up to us though 🙂


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