Who is Adam Armstrong?

Talented youngster

Talented youngster

I must admit that I have nothing more than a cursory knowledge of our Academy and the players that are currently working their way through the ranks at the club, so I thought it would behove me to get to know some of our younger players. Recently I have been paying attention to some under 18 matches as well as keeping an eye on our reserves to check on how some of our fringe players are getting on, and it is through keeping a watchful eye on the reserves that I came across a seemingly talented young lad who is currently on our books. He goes by the name of Adam Armstrong, and he is 16 years old.

As I have said, I know little more about the lad other than his name and how old he is, so I decided to do a little digging and checked out what his profile on the club website said. This is how he is described,

“With his small yet strong physique, Adam Armstrong is built rather like a young Wayne Rooney and that’s not the only similarity between the England under-16 front-man and the Manchester United star.

Armstrong, a hugely gifted number ten, is a creative player who can also score goals and idolises Rooney despite being a lifelong Newcastle supporter who joined the Club as a nine-year-old.

The former Walbottle Campus Technology College pupil and Newcastle City Juniors player got better as the 2012/13 season went on and will be hoping to make a big impact this term, his first as a full-time footballer.”

What we can glean from this description is that he is an attacking midfield player who likes to work hard and get on the score-sheet, that suggests that not only does Adam idolise a certain Wayne Rooney, but that he has modelled his game after him as well. It would appear that Adam, who now has scored 4 goals in 5 games for the U 21s after he scored once more for the U-21s in last night’s 1-1 draw at home to Everton, certainly has some pedigree, which has been recognised at international level (he has 3 caps with 1 goal for England u 17s)

With Newcastle United not looking likely to be signing any big name players any time soon, it would be nice if the club could start developing a few of their own stars. And while it is more than premature to be lumping Adam Armstrong in that bracket just yet, he certainly has made an impressive start to his burgeoning Newcastle United career, and long may it continue. We’ll be keeping our watchful eyes over this young prodigy in the hope he continues to progress well for the club.

What do you think? Have you seen Adam Armstrong play? What are your opinions on him? What other young players should we be keeping our eyes on for the future? I’d love to hear your views.



  1. Probably best for us not to big him up too much, we have seen how Adam ‘Young Rooney’ Campbell has struggled to break through. Armstrong is still very young, let him ply his trade in reserves this year, get him out on loan next year. Then we can maybe start singing and dancing about the Toons new messiah.


  2. This lad seems to be creating quite a buzz, but still early days.

    The situation I think we find ourselves in as that we’re expecting our young players to come in and save the day in these brief cameos. In an ideal world, they’d get minutes within a team that is functioning well so it would remove some of the pressure.

    The high pressure doesn’t help the manager pick the youngsters either.

    Anyway, back to point…so far, so good. I imagine if he keeps knocking in the goals he’ll be sent out on loan next season to gain some proper match experience. Much like I think Campbell should be doing right now (as well as Bigi).

    They have recall clauses, which I can’t imagine are too costly, so I don’t understand the hesitation in getting these players sent out a.s.a.p.


  3. i agree with tinman !

    i think we are all desperate for our next shearer that we do our youngsters more harm than good.
    love to see campbell have a decent loan spell with playing time for one maybe even 2 seasons and let armstrong stay outa the limelight for a bit while the focus is on campbell.


  4. We do tend to over hype our kids, possibly that has something to do with the fact that we don’t expect to sign any superstarts so we hope that we can produce one instead, but as has all ready been mentioned we should stand off a little to give him an unpressurised chance to learn the game.


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