Slap on the wrist for Cabaye

Punished by club

Punished by club

Alan Pardew seems intent on drawing a line under the sand with regards the Yohan Cabaye situation, in which he refused to play for the club in their first two games this season, following his revelation that action has been taken against Cabaye for his part in the fiasco.

This is what Alan Pardew had to say to the press today,

“He has been disciplined for his actions.

“He has accepted that in good faith. We can move on now.

“It would be nice if the fans give him the support he now deserves.

“I know he is going to have a great season. Trust me, he’s a fabulous player. He’s very important to us.”

Alan Pardew then stated that he did not want to comment on the matter any further in an attempt to demonstrate how intent he is to move on from this saga which had threatened Newcastle United’s start to the season. In fairness to Cabaye, he has returned to the fold, apologised to the fans. and wants to get his head down and do his best for the team this season. He was involved in our games against Fulham and Aston Villa, and I am of the belief that a lot of our creative energy this season will go through Cabaye as he is a fantastic passer of the ball.

It may turn out that, with a good season for us, and an impressive World Cup for France, Cabaye may then want to move on to pastures new. Could any of us blame him? He is a supremely talented player who deserves to be playing on the highest stage. While Newcastle United may be content with mid table obscurity, the likes of Cabaye will surely want Premier League medals, and a chance to go far in the Champions League. We cannot blame Cabaye for wanting to find a club that will match his ambition. We should be blaming Mike Ashley for having no ambition which seems to be forcing our better players to look elsewhere.

What do you think? Can you forgive Cabaye? Should the club be looking to match the ambitions of our better players? Should Cabaye be allowed back in to the team so soon? I’d love to hear your views.

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