Top half finish beckons for Toon – Dyer

Lofty ambitions

Lofty ambitions

In recent times a lot of our former players have come out to criticise the way the club has been run; the likes of Rob Lee, John Beresford, Faustino Asprilla, and Robby Eliott have given their opinion in recent times, and the verdict has not been good. Steve Harper also gave a warning message to owner Mike Ashley that the club is “bleeding” and that “whatever was special about the club is “in danger of dying” Very strong words indeed, which carry an added weight when they come from players whom the fans respect and admire.

With that in mind, perhaps Mike Ashley thought he’d enlist the help of a former Newcastle player to help his cause, to say positive things about the club, in an attempt to stem the tide. He must have ran through a check-list of former players and it would appear that he could do no better than resident “bad-boy” Kieron Dyer. Dyer, who played more than 250 games for the Magpies, was indeed a key part of Sir Bobby Robson’s side in the early 00s, but he doesn’t have quite the same legend status as the likes of Lee, Shearer, Asprilla or Harper do.

This is what Dyer had to say in his exclusive interview to (as if Ashley couldn’t make it any more obvious),

 “I think Newcastle will finish in the top half of the table.

“There’s been a lot of doom and gloom with regards to the players the club didn’t bring in over the summer but I think people need to realise they lost (club captian Fabricio) Coloccini for a lot of that season and they didn’t have (Hatem) Ben Arfa fully fit for the majority of the season.

“Injuries crippled their season.

“People are saying they haven’t brought players in but if they keep a fully fit squad, if Ben Arfa, (Yohan) Cabaye, (Loic) Remy, Coloccini stay injury free then Newcastle have got a very good team.

“Add to that the fact that when it is going well up there St James’s Park is like a 12th man. If they can turn that ground into a fortress, they will be fine.

I completely disagree with Dyer’s comments about finishing top half of the table, not that I don’t think that we have a fantastic first XI, but because I think other sides around us have placed themselves in a stronger position to challenge for top 10 than we have. I agree with Kieron that, if we can keep our side fully fit, we have an excellent team. I don’t think you will find too many Newcastle United fans who would actually disagree with that, however, when injuries strike, and they inevitably do, is our backup good enough to slot straight in and maintain a push on top 10? I don’t think so. Also, since when has simply finishing top 10 been good enough for Newcastle United?

This sounds like a crassly drafted, apologetic statement from someone who has had next to nothing to say about Newcastle United in recent years, yet coincidentally comes out of the woodwork with a positively spun message around the time that other former players are laying into Mike Ashley.

Newcastle United fans are not stupid, yet it would appear that this latest attempt from Mike Ashley would appear that he thinks that we are. I’m not going to fall for it, are you?

What do you think? Does Dyer genuinely give a toss about Newcastle United, and thinks we can finish top 10? Do you think this is the Mike Ashley PR machine on the rampage once more? Do you think we have enough in our 25 man squad to crack top half? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. To be fair I think all these interviews with ex players were done before & after Harper’s testimonial. It looks like Dyer’s was one of the more positive ones so this is one that SporsDirectNews have decided to report on – I don’t think they actually enlisted him just chosen the most positive interview.


    1. Well he spoke exclusively to so I don’t think this interview is anything to do with Harper’s testimonial. Check the story from website and they say that he was speaking exclusively to them.

      Perhaps the conspiracy theory mentality is a bit much but I think we need to be questioning constantly.


  2. I think your being a bit harsh, basically all he has said is that if we keep a fit team we will finish top half as we have some very good players, which most of us would agree with, I can’t really see and Ashley glorify comments to be honest, does Dyer care about us, he may, he may not but if he was asked a question so he answered it, I can’t see any great positives or negatives in that.


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