Colo not happy – neither are we!

Newcastle United's captain

Newcastle United’s captain

Coloccini isn’t the most vocal of players in the Newcastle United dressing room, either on the pitch or in the media. However, today he has come out and voiced his displeasure with the manner in which we were defeated by Hull at the weekend with a scathing assessment of the performance.

The Newcastle United captain was not happy with the display from the Newcastle United team, and speaking to the Chronicle, he had this to say,

“There were bad feelings after Hull.

“Frustration, anger and everything you’d expect.

“But we have a game on Wednesday and we have to turn the page right now. We must look to the next game.

“It’s difficult to speak about it because a lot of things happened on the pitch that I’m angry about.

“We had a great, great chance to take three more points at home against a newly-promoted team in Hull. It was a great opportunity.

“If we want to be serious about being in the top 10 or look to bigger things or be a big team in the Premier League we have to start to take the chances we have.

“If not we are going to have problems. We do not want to be like we were last season.

“We ended the season fighting against relegation, we can’t have that again.

“So we have to look at our mistakes and keep going.

“When we have chances to beat teams like Hull we have to take them. We have to learn.

“Now we have to look to Leeds, get the win and go through in the cup.

“It’s quite bad (conceding three at home).

“The first goal we should have done better but the header for the second goal was a good set play for them. So the second one was OK.

“The first goal is something we can do much better about but the third goal was fantastic. Sometimes you have to give credit.”

It would appear that were a lot of tensions and bad feeling following the defeat, and I am sure that one or two players were verbally bashed for their performance. One of whom I hope came in for a tongue lashing was the disgusting performance of Hatem Ben Arfa, who after a week of talking a good talk of how he thinks he can win a Balon d’Or, put in one of the laziest displays I have seen in recent times at St James’ Park. It’s all well and good criticising the likes of Tiote, Jonas, Taylor et al due to their limited abilities, but the more technical players cannot be immune from criticism. I love wor Hatem, but if he ever hopes to be, in his words, a “legend” at this club, he would do well to never put in a shift like that again.

I also thought that the captain could have held up his own hands too as I felt that his own performance was lacking in the usual composure that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him, and after all, it is his job to organise the back four as a unit, something he clearly failed to do.

All in all, it was a terrible performance. Lazy, disinterested, and sloppy. Conceding three goals at home to a newly promoted side should never be tolerated, and something has to give if we ever see a display like that again this season.

What do you think? Do you agree with our captain? Should he shoulder some of the responsibility too? Who do you think should come in for criticism for their display on Saturday? I’d love to hear your views

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  1. As an attacking threat we were more than dangerous, we done more than enough to win that match, however defensively if you have to many watchers rather than blockers then you will always struggle, all three of Hull’s goals came within 15 yards of our net, and when the scorer scored who was busting a gut to block there possible attempt at goal, no one at all, shocking.

    Put the know all coaches who like to make themselves look clever on a blog of this type, to one side, if they were that good they would not be on this or any other site, but simple common sense would have seen us take three points against Hull, Mbiwa, Colo and Anita were supposed to be the defensive heart of our team against Hull, but when they scored where were any of them, all three were scored by men in to much space, as bad as press as Steven Taylor and Chiek Tiote have had, we all know that what happened against Hull would not have happened if we had had them in the side as they always bust a gut, warts and all to get to their man, sometimes it may be their warts which deflects the shot but who cares as long as it is deflected, Colo and Anita are pretty players when we are looking good and dominating, but when we are under pressure and we need players to stand up and be men, then I’m afraid we have a couple of shrinking violets.BRING BACK SAYLOR AND TIOTE IMMEDIATELY.


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