Planned protest march – Your views!

Fans group taking action

Fans group taking action

There has been a lot of talk recently about different fans groups trying to affect change within Newcastle United. Some want to see the owner change his direction of running the club and be less fiscally prudent, while others want the owner out entirely. One fans group that seems to be taking an all-encompassing view of proceedings is the relatively new fans group Time4Change.

In essence, Time4Change is all-encompassing as it collates the general feelings of Newcastle United fans; Most of us can agree that we would like to see things change at the club, and the time has come for that to happen. Simple. Now there is the process of how can we affect change?

While there have been discussions of boycotts, sit in protests, and the like, one idea seems to have come to fruition, and that is the idea of peaceful protest march. This march, as I am led to believe, will take place on 19th October, before the Liverpool home game, and will go through the city centre towards St James’ Park.

The idea behind the march seems to be that while the fans are inside the ground, we need to be as positive in our support for the team. However, when we are outside the ground, we need to be as pro-active in our want and desire for change in Newcastle United. Perhaps, this protest march is the first step in trying to achieve that. Personally, I think it’s a great idea that the overriding message seems to be geared towards positively promoting what is good about the club, while still trying to affect change.

There has been a survey circulating that is trying to gather the thoughts and feelings of Newcastle United fans regarding the march, and if you could just take a few moments of your time to fill the survey out it would give a wider reaching idea of how much support there is for the march. Here is a link to the survey,

What do you think? Is the idea of a peaceful protest march a good one? Will it have any impact? Do you fear a negative backlash? Will prospective buyers be enticed by the passion of Newcastle United fans, or put off? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. I think some fans wont be happy until they succeed in throwing the club into utter turmoil.
    Mike Ashley has his faults but if it had not been for him we would be watching third tier games and the club would be bust…it was already financially knackered when he invested.

    The clubs debts were over 150 million and thats roughly the amount that SirJohn Hall and his family ripped out of our club on the back of a 3 million pound investment

    Why not just leave be something that is not broke alone.or do you prefer for us to become a bigger laughing stock than we are..


    1. I disagree with your comment about third tier football. There is nothing in the accounts that suggests we were in immediate financial trouble. Yes we had overstretched for the few seasons prior to Ashley’s takeover but to claim he has saved the club from annihilation is extreme and in fact incorrect.

      We can compare Mike Ashley to Sir John Hall if we want, and while SJH had his faults, he at least tried to win trophies and backed his manager. Ashley has went to the other extreme.

      I would also disagree that Newcastle United isn’t broken. You seem to agree that Newcastle United is a laughing stock, so why would you not want to try to affect positive change rather than sit, do nothing.

      My advice would be to fill out the survey, and let your feelings be known.


      1. its a laughing stock because of the actions of the fans.
        A billionaire paid off the debts that would have taken us down,all the income into the club had been spent three years in advance , we were investing in finished players like Owen and Viduka.
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion but mine is that we are being put into a proper shape for a sale and i would love it if a buyer came in with a view to taking us to the heights of Chelsea or Man city but it seems that will never happen as for years weve been available.


        1. Where is your evidence that Newcastle’s finances pre-Ashley would have resulted in our demise?

          Ashley is interested in making money out of Newcastle United, and is doing so very successfully. Consider the fact that he may not be readying the club for sale, merely taking as much out of the club as he can, for as long as he can?

          If this is what he is doing, which I believe he is, then it would be an embarrassment if Newcastle United fans allowed him to do so without taking action.


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