Southall slates Pardew. Join the queue!

Not liked by Everton legend

Not liked by Everton legend

I’m not in the business of promoting what former players of other clubs say about Newcastle United. However, when someone like Neville Southall speaks, you listen. The former Everton goalkeeper played nearly 750 games for Everton, won 2 First Division titles, as well as 2 FA Cups. So it is fair to say, he knows a thing or two!

Southall has been scathing in his criticism of the excuses that Newcastle United manager makes up for defeats or poor performances, and I am delighted that someone else has agreed with me on this score. Alan Pardew is embarrassing in post-match press conferences after a poor performance. Instead of telling it like it is, which more often than not would be “We waz s**t” he reverts to tired old clichés and wafer thin excuses, and Southall, like us, has had enough. This is what Southall had to say,

I have doubts about the manager. Alan Pardew makes excuse after excuse when they lose.

“Even before they played Manchester City he was blaming Yohann Cabaye because he was supposedly on the verge of joining Arsenal.

“He’s one of these managers who writes notes. I don’t understand why managers need to write notes. Can’t he remember 45 minutes of football?”

He was less than critical of the Newcastle United fans though. This is what he said,

“I always loved playing Newcastle. It was always a game I looked forward to because their fans were brilliant. They turn up whether the team is top of the league or bottom of the league.

“The team have always played the right way. They’ve had some brilliant players and managers, Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Bobby Robson – even if he couldn’t get your name right, he was brilliant – one of the best in the history of British football.”

I’d go even further by saying that we have one of the most loyal fan bases in world football, but while a lot of Newcastle United fans see their loyalty as a sign of strength, I happen to take a different view. However, there can be no doubting the passion with which Newcastle United supporters follow their club, I just wished it translated into better match-day atmosphere as St James’ Park has been embarrassing for quite some time now.

When you’re home support is being drowned out by Hull City fans. You’re in trouble. That’s another discussion for another time though.

What do you think? Is Southall justified in his criticisms of Pardew? What do you think of Pardew’s post-match comments after a poor performance? I’d love to hear your views.

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    1. This is the guy with two First Division winners medals, two FA Cup winners medals, record cap holder for Wales, as well as being listed among the world’s best goalkeepers on numerous occasions while he was playing.

      I’m just putting stock in the opinion of someone with the winning pedigree that our manager clearly does not have.


    2. EverReady… Neville Southall has himself won as many competitions as Newcastle. To try and belittle him for saying what is evidently true, is pathetic.

      Naivety and loyalty aren’t the same.


    1. I’m listening to Neville Southall because he is speaking the truth. When former players, especially with the winning calibre of Neville Southall, gives an opinion, I think we should listen.

      Much in the same way that Rob Lee, Tino Asprilla, John Beresford and Robbie Elliott have all slated Mike Ashley, I think we need to put stock in players who have been there, done that, played the game, and knows what it takes to win.


  1. “I’m listening to Neville Southall because he is speaking the truth”
    In your opinion

    I remember John (budgie) Burridge saying that all goalkeepers are mad
    are you still listening to a madman ??


    1. To be fair, that is only John Burridge’s opinion. I don’t think you have anything to suggest that Neville Southall suffers from any form of mental instability.

      Pardew makes excuses, never holds his hands up for any responsibility he has in a defeat, and comes out with the same tired clichés time and time again.

      This is not a figment of my imagination. It is what happens. Ergo, not an opinion.


      1. Ciaran, you’re completely correct, and so is Southall. As a Newcastle fan and blogger, I’m sick of listening to Pardew’s constant excuses and blaming others for his own mediocrity. As for Southall, he was one the the finest goalkeepers I have ever seen in my life.


        1. Southall was a cracking goalkeeper, up there with the best, if people want to dismiss his opinion, fine, but let’s not dismiss his pedigree as a winner.

          After a poor performance I’d love nothing more than for Pardew to say “I got it wrong today” but after nearly 3 years and countless occasions for him to do so, he has failed. He will never change his ways now.


  2. I really do feel for Newcastle supporters, having to endure Pardew (for eight years…christ!).
    I hope you get shot of the money grabbing soulless charlatan Ashley soon also, your support deserves better.

    That said, I still hope we spank you on Monday night.


    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion Mark. Always interested in how our club is perceived by fans of other clubs.

      I’m hoping for a more positive performance from our lads. We went to Villa and put on a very ambitious performance, could it be that we can do it again on the road? Who knows. Hope it’s a cracker though!


      1. Always have time for proper supporters Ciaran, Newcastle always fill the away end every week as do Everton, I have many friends wearing your colours and the banter is always spot on.


        1. We’re seemingly very divided on the direction of the club, and the rights/wrongs of Mike Ashley’s ownership, with some claiming that he has saved the club from financial ruin. How can you speak rationally to fans who believe this?

          My own brother is an Everton fan and the banter is always great with him. They are a team I’ve had a soft spot for, and I liked how you guys took action against the badge change. You mobilised, took action, and got the board to listen to your views. If only we had anything like that in Newcastle United.


  3. Some truths in there.

    Pardew sure does make a lot of excuses. Some of them will be for the benefit of the team however, but certainly not all of them.
    As for making notes, so what? Not really worthy of commenting on. Some managers are about passion and motivation, others are more methodical. Not to say Pardew is either, but he may well think he is 🙂

    At the end of the day though, I still fail to get wound up by Pardew. For me, he is mediocre. For every bad day at the office, he’ll have a good one. If supported he can do a job, if not, he’ll struggle.

    He is just a symptom of the bigger issue. I’m changing my idea of the problem a bit…it’s not Ashley, but Ashleys ambition.

    It is all there to be implemented, he just isn’t interested in anything more than the bare minimum for the most financial gain (whether that be with the intention to better him personally or the club is somewhat irrelevant).


    1. Ashley and his business acumen and resources could see Newcastle United become a massive player in English football. But that is not who he is, so the problem is both his ambition and the man. They are intrinsically linked.

      I don’t get wound up by Pardew, as I know with a proper owner he would be nowhere near the club.


  4. The problem with Newcastle and their fans is they believe they are better than they actually are, a bit like Liverpool at the minute, a clubs size in directly linked to its success and although no questioning you have by far some of the best fans in the league or country for that matter until you know your place as a mid division club you will always be stuck on the merry go round of over expecting. I personally think signing Pardrew on such a long contract was the first bit of decent business you guys have done in a long time, all successful clubs have stability and your rewards will be reaped, as long as your not stuck at the bottom of the Prem like your Red cousins you should all be happy…That said we will spank you tomorrow night 🙂


    1. We are not a mid-table club by any stretch of the imagination. Having the 10th best gates in all of Europe and 20th highest income in world football would point to that fact.

      As for Pardew’s 8 year contract being the first decent bit of business? Be serious. Stability for stability’s sake does not reap rewards. Having a good manager on a long term contract may do, but not a mediocre one like Pardew.


      1. You honestly believe you are any better than that? consistency speaks volumes and your club is far from that, income and gate receipts don’t win games and certainly don’t mean success. I agreed with everything you said until you proved my first line of my first comment true


        1. Whether you agree with me or not is immaterial. Everton have been a top 7 team due to their manager. Manager’s come and go, but infrastructures and fan bases remain.

          Yes we are better than mid-table due to the resources available to us. The reason we are not is the mediocrity fed to us by our owner. However, our owner will change eventually, and we could have one with some ambition, meaning we are in a great position to become a top 7 side.

          Income and gate receipts do not win games, I agree. Managers and players do. With a better owner, who would hire a better manager, and give us a more competitive squad we would easily be top 7 pushing top 6.

          However, like I said, if you disagree with me, it does not invalidate that fact.


      2. I thought u were talking some sense when i first read your artical, now i see your talking completely out of your arse and have no idea what your talking about,,, re read your replies to me and you will see you constantly contradict yourself..Your not a top 7 team and haven’t been for many a decade, money or resource does not buy you anything as Leeds, Blackburn and Portsmouth have proved, you need stability to build success which Newcastle have never had until now. Like him or love him but Pardrew is by far the best manager a team like Newcastle could ever hope to have. Throwing money at a team and changing manger every season will get you nowhere (unless its £150mill+) as your team has proved consistently over the last 10 years. Now you have stability your a regular mid table team..Which is where you belong


        1. No need to be offensive.

          Where have I contradicted myself? Stability does not breed success. Success breeds stability. As for your comment about us not being a top 7 team for “many a decade” shows your ignorance on the subject.

          We have finished inside the top 7 in the Premier League 8 times in the past 20 years. Of those 8 times we finished inside the top 4 5 times.

          You thought my articles make sense because they do, you now don’t like me because I disagree with you. Not exactly a mature stance to take, is it?

          Clubs like Leeds, and Portsmouth over stretched financially, whereas Blackburn have always been a lower level club punching above their weight. The infrastructures that Newcastle United have far surpass the set-ups of any of the aforementioned clubs.

          I am not advocating “throwing money at a team and changing manager every season”, merely advocating hiring a manager with ambition, and having an owner who will invest in order to keep the team competitive within the Premier League.

          As for where Newcastle United belongs? I do not think you are in any fit position to judge where any other team belongs in the league, but you are entitled to your opinion.

          I advise you to keep any response free from profanity or abusive language.


      3. My bad language and porfanity, harldy telling someone they talk out their arse if either of the above mentioned. If you honestly believe you are a top 7 club then you my friend are deluded, you failed to mention the relegations the lack of silverware (we 2 have won nothing but im not on here moaning and claiming we are better than we are, we are just a top 7 side no more no less due to financial backing where we could have achieved more, where were we before stability? Fighting relegation every season) after re rereading you replies to every comment on this thread its clear you agree with nobody exept yourself, that my friend is called ignorance and as you cannot argue with ignorance this will be my last post.
        Good luck in the Championship where u and the rest of the deluded fans belong.


        1. Under our current system we will not be a top 7 club. We will not be a top 7 club under Alan Pardew again, even if he stays and fulfils his contract until 2020. Stability will not bring us that success.

          Our infrastructure is vastly superior to Everton’s. That is not a dig at your club, it is just a fact, yet your club has shown that with a good manager, and an owner who backs him, you can achieve success. We have neither a good manager, or an owner willing to back the manager, therefore we have not achieved said success.

          I’d have liked to have thought that you’d have conducted yourself in a more mature fashion, but there is little to be said for a fan of another club coming on to a blog of another club and insulting that club’s fans. Not very mature behaviour at all.


  5. As an Evertonian I loved Southall. And since he hung up his boots he has give the press a laugh or two with some of his replies. He certainly shoots from the hip. Just ask David Moyes!

    Southall was obviously asked about the match and his opinion on Pardew was sought. He gave it. Whether you read/listen to it is your choice. I personally think for a mental former binman he makes quite a lot of sense! See you lot at Goodison


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