Match-day – Everton (a)

Can Pardew outsmart this man?

Can Pardew outsmart this man?

We’ve now had well over a week to get over the embarrassment of losing at home to Hull and now we ready ourselves for the simple task of taking on Everton at Goodison Park. Bugger.

Following their impressive away win against West Ham last weekend, Everton are now sitting 8th with 9 points, only 2 points above Newcastle who are sitting 16th with 7 points. Even though it is early in the season, these are the sort of games that begin to divide the league and can see some teams force themselves into top half reckoning while others are scrapping in the bottom half. It is usually around the 10 game mark where the league begins to take shape, and any lost ground now (like last weekend) will begin to be harder and harder to claw back. Obviously, Martinez’s Wigan side were usually the obvious exception to this rule until they finally succumbed to relegation last season. Granted, they did win the FA Cup which would soften that particular blow a little bit.

Needless to say that Everton have some top quality players and a seemingly impressive manager. The question marks were over how Martinez would set up Everton defensively this season but Martinez’s side have only conceded 4 goals this season. With the likes of Mirallas, Pienaar, Baines, Lukaku and Barkley, they have some undoubted attacking quality, and Newcastle will have to counter these particular threats if they are to come away from Goodison with a result.

Pardew has been quoted in the local media recently in saying that Loic Remy is a slight doubt for tomorrow night’s game, and if true, this puts a massive spanner in the works as he was so crucial in our away win against Villa, as well as being the only bright spark in a 3-2 humiliation last week, bagging two goals.

With the ‘positive’ news that Shola is available and Jonas is nearly ready we don’t need to worry about injuries, Pardew has it covered…

I won’t lie, I won’t be positive for being positive’s sake. We are on a hiding to nothing tomorrow night. It’s a shame that our club now sees Goodison Park as somewhere that is hard for us to get a result. Newcastle United should not operate like this. We all know the reasons why, and are apparently willing to accept it.

If we come away with a point I would consider it an excellent result. If we come away without getting embarrassed, I would consider that a decent result. If we come away with a win, well now, that would make the Hull defeat look even more ridiculous now wouldn’t it? Of course I would love a win, but I cannot see it happening.

What do you think? Am I being too negative over our chances tomorrow night? Do we stand a chance of getting a result? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. Just on my way to the game, thought I’d have a quick mooch through the online pre-game gossip and banter.

    Really surprised at this blog. There isn’t that degree of difference between Everton and Newcastle. I’ve not missed this fixture, home or away, for many years and it’s always tight. Well, has been for the last seven or eight years anyway. Although, how Newcastle escaped with a 2-2 last season I’ll never know.

    Can’t see it being an open, high-scoring or one-sided game. Simply because it never is.


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