Newcastle capitulate

You disgust me Alan

You disgust me Alan

What can I say about tonight’s performance? A lot as it turns out. Anyone who has followed my articles over the past number of days will know that I predicted that we would take a spanking tonight, and that if we escaped without getting embarrassed, it would be a good result. We didn’t put out a good performance, we did get spanked, and we got horrifically embarrassed. At the risk of patting myself on the back, I called it spot on. Does this make me happy? Not in the slightest.

Once I saw Romelu Lukaku line up for Everton, my first words were, “he’s going to destroy us tonight” because neither of our centre halves were physical enough to deal with him, also, as it turns out, neither were intelligent enough in their defence to cope with him. His physicality, reading of the game, and vision, destroyed us tonight. Defensive shockers from Santon, Coloccini, M’biwa, Debuchy ie our entire back four, ensured that we were going to be in for a tough time. The added nonsensical decision to play Tiote added to what was an incredibly frustrating evening. The guy is as useful as a chocolate teapot for crying out loud!

Yohan Cabaye, who was dropped from the starting line-up, came on at half time and scored a wonder strike as well as proving to be one of our few decent outlets in the 2nd half, effectively leaving no Newcastle United fan in doubt over how much of an idiot that Pardew is.

Granted, our 2nd half performance was much improved, but an improvement was expected, as we could not have played much worse than the wretched travesty that masqueraded as football in the 1st half. Yohan scored a worldly, and Remy nicked an undeserved second, to take the gloss of what was a comfortable victory by Everton. Does this change my feelings about this game? No, because I am not a moron.

I’m saying nothing more about the performance. If you genuinely think we can finish anywhere near the top ten after that kind of performance with what is supposed to be nearly our strongest eleven then frankly, you’re either very deluded, or lacking in any knowledge of this fine sport that is being ravaged and pillaged by this pathetic excuse for a football team. This was not a bad day at the office, this is our reality. Under this manager, under this owner, under this poisonous regime, we are going nowhere, other than the slippery decline amongst the Premier League strugglers.

What do you think? Were you appeased by the 2nd half performance? Or can you see the wood from the trees? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. Pity the teams work rate and enthusiasm didn’t match that of Gouf. Too many points lost already against similar opposition so could be a long, hard struggle. I’m sure our optimistic friends will find something to be happy about. The accounts look good!


    1. The club is a shambles. When it comes to what is good/bad about a football club, only one thing matters to true fans, and that is the performances on the field. Tonight epitomised everything that is abhorrent about the club that is pretending to be Newcastle United. (the current set up does not warrant the name NUFC)


  2. Was a shocking first half display and Everton eased up 2nd half and nearly let us back in, I bet Pardew will say it was a fighting 2nd half performance though.
    Can’t see why people would be surprised with the start of our season, the writing was quite clearly already on the wall. One loan addition, however good a player, was never going to be enough. Where do we go from here, I guess we’ll limp through the season and keep our heads above water!!!! Great!!!


    1. Truly disgusting display this evening. True Newcastle United fans will be hurting over this display for the rest of the season. At least it will see who are the plants and wums when some try and defend this performance in the morning. I hope true NUFC fans are alert to these people and tackle them head on.


      1. It doesn’t seem to matter what happens at the club there’ll always be people willing to back them and wanting to give them more time. I hate getting ripped off but that seems to be exactly what Ashley’s doing to each and every season ticket holder.
        I half expected to lose tonight but not the other day against Hull. This was supposed to be the “bouncing back” after the Hull loss. Those first 45 minutes tonight Everton gave us a lesson in football.


        1. I thought Tiote said that the fact that they “remembered how to win” against the mighty Leeds that they were carrying this confidence into tonight’s game?

          Didn’t look confident did it? I think the number of people willing to give more time will decrease a hundred fold if we continue to see performances like this.


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