We’ve remembered how to win! – Tiote

Think before you speak please Cheick.

Think before you speak please Cheick.

As a Newcastle United fan I am used to the ludicrous comments that come from the club about a number of different things. I’m used to Steven Taylor kissing Kinnear’s behind claiming he was a good appointment (he wasn’t). I’m used to Pardew claiming we had a strong enough squad following the closure of the transfer window (we didn’t) despite the fact he said no more than 2 months beforehand how we needed 3 players. I’m used to Pardew saying time and time again about how “we wuz tired” following embarrassing defeat, after embarrassing defeat. The latest comment from Cheick Tiote is just another in a long conveyor-belt of nonsense that emanates from our club, and I am frankly sick of it.

Here is what Tiote had to say today,

“It was good for the players to show a response against Leeds, because we missed a big chance to be in the top four in the league last weekend.

“Winning was everything against Leeds and the confidence we get from that we can take into the Everton game, because we showed we knew how to win again.

“Everton is always a very tough place to go. We need to show our confidence and togetherness in order to get a result there.

“Sometimes my game goes up and sometimes down. However, I always give everything.”

“We showed we knew how to win again”!?!?

Was last week’s defeat at home to Hull a case of forgetting how to win? Let’s not forget that a mere 7 days before that defeat, we had beaten Aston Villa at Villa Park. What happened during training that the team forgot how to win? Who is the person in charge of PR at the club that allows rubbish like this to go to print? And more importantly, do any of our fans read this and think “fair play Tiote, nail on the head there lad”

As for his game going up and down? His game has been down for an entire season, to such an extent that he does not warrant a place in the team, and one semi-decent game against a Championship side does not make one blind bit of difference. He should be on the bench, but he won’t be. The smart money is on Anita getting bumped to the bench, despite the fact that he has been one of our more impressive performers this season.

Some of you reading this may think I am being harsh on Tiote, or being harsh on the team, or being harsh in general. I don’t care. When are we going to say enough is enough with this rubbish? Nonsense statement, following nonsense statement forcing us to wade through a never-ending river of proverbial garbage that Newcastle United fans are being fed. It’s time for our players to simply shut up and do their talking on the field. Or in Tiote’s case, on the bench.

What do you think? Should we gag our players from the media as they are clearly suffering from the same verbal diarrhoea that has plagued Pardew for 3 years? Or should we let this nonsense go ahead unchecked? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. I think you are being a little harsh Ciaran. The managers and players are commited to a raft of interviews with reporters trying to trip them up and say something contraversial. They are bound to come out with the odd stupid comment especially when English is not your first language.


    1. Players are given directions on what to say, perhaps even pre-prepared comments to read. If they cannot convey the message correctly in English, then they should not be doing the interview. If they can convey the message in English, and the message is as ludicrous and as wimperingly pathetic as the one that I have described, then there is something clearly wrong with the message that is being rolled out.

      The players have become the mouthpieces for this pathetic regime, and everything they say is bull*** as far as I am concerned. From Tiote’s latest comments right down to Gouffran’s claims that we want to win a cup, when it’s been patently pointed out that we don’t.


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