Kinnear sticks two fingers up to Toon fans!

Rude gesture

Rude gesture

Do some fans still think that Mike Ashley wants the best for Newcastle United? Do some fans think Alan Pardew is a competent manager? Do some fans still think Kinnear tried his best and is a right fit as a Director of Football? Think again folks.

Not only was it embarrassing enough to see our beloved club made a fool of tonight in their “heroic” 3-2 defeat away to Everton at Goodison, but it would appear that one of our senior officials wants to rub salt in the wound by showing his disdain for Newcastle United and their supporters.

Joe Kinnear was subject to a lot of criticism, in the media, around the pubs, and most recently, on the terraces during last night’s game. What was Kinnear’s response? Two fat fingers right back at the fans. There you have it folks, undeniable proof that we have a 60 something  year old child in charge of our transfer dealings (and we wonder why we signed no one on a permanent deal?)

Of course, Newcastle United fans are going to be livid about this result. They may even be livid about Kinnear flipping them off in such an obvious way, but when the dust settles, what will they do? Nothing. I’ve already read quotes from fans who are calling on others to stop being negative and back the players and manager, and this was a matter of minutes following the disgusting display that we’ve seen last night.

Newcastle United fans, as much as I love and associate myself with them, are as gullible and easily appeased as any fan base in the country. Give them one decent performance, heck, give them half and hour of decent football, and they will forgive a month of tripe, condescension and misery. Nothing will change within Newcastle United unless the fans themselves do, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look forthcoming.

What do you think? Are you a sheep, blindly following the club that is pretending to be Newcastle United? Or are you willing to take a stand? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. I agree entirely, it`s embarrassing just how gullible and easily pleasee Newcastle fans are these days. Ashley must be wondering waht he has to do for a ful revolt. Relegation, name change of SJP, Kinnear – TWICE, lies, players sold, lack of ambition, Sports Direct tack plastered all ove the club, nearly relegated again, no money spent again, another relelgation battle this season – yet not a peep! Joke!


  2. Report facts please not lies. He is clearly just propping his fat useless chin up. There is a lot wrong with NUFC including the appointment of JFK But to gain any support for your agenda you need credibility and you lose that with stuff like this.


    1. I dont doubt for one second that Kinnears 2 fingered gesture is anything other than what it looks like a sly little up yours to the loyal away fans ….just the kind of pathetic thing he would do ….we all know he is foul mouthed now he’s using hand signals to say what he thinks if you think thats reporting lies …then its your agenda that I question.


  3. Fat Ash is laughing all the way to the bank. Newcastle supporters are no longer united, he has managed to split us and he knows that come what may the cash cow will keep on churning out money to him. Yes we need to support the players, those who have bought season tickets have already handed over cash that many would have had to scrimp and save for and cant be expected to not turn up and waste that money. As long as this goes on we will have to put up with his smug face sitting next to the clown who always looks drunk (by the way who was he talking to on his left in the Timmy Mallet glasses not another board member I hope as he looked a proper prat). I get sick to death of hearing how he saved the club and how we are no longer in debt (if we are not in debt what are we paying him back in huge sums annually, if he was to sell that would need to be paid back to him so it is debt). The football club was and will always only be an advertising tool for his chain of tat shops. He will continue to milk supporters in the same way that he does by issuing zero hour contracts to the large majority of his employees. The only way this bloke will move on is if he is deprived of the finances that supporters give him week in and week out but we know this will never happen and is probably the reason why he chose NUFC over other clubs, his plan wouldn’t work with some other clubs.


    1. There are organisations that are trying to affect change and do things that may make him sit up and take notice. There is a protest march coming up on the 19th October. If we want to do something, I suggest this as a good starting point.


    1. Really Mark, can YOU prove to the contrary? I would cite ‘Joking’ link as my first credible reference and the picture itself as the second.
      You got any evidence mate?

      We need to get all 3 of them out, as soon as possible.

      One thing is for sure, I’ll be there on the 19th!


  4. If there`s not a huge turnout on the 19th against the parasite afer every stroke he has pulled then this City deserves him. Time to grow some Testicles Newcastle Upon Tyne. This Man can`t go on.


  5. Hi Siobhan. Many thanks for the email and for taking the trouble to contact us.

    I can categorically advise you that the ‘hand gesture’ was in no way a gesture to the supporters and was Joe simply putting two fingers into his face.


    Mark Hannen

    NUFC Press Office
    A reply to e-mail sent ….seems we all got it wrong …Jk was just sticking 2 fingers in his own face …….well that clears that up then!


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