Pardew points to the positives. What positives!?

Newcastle United manager

Newcastle United manager

It’s the day after the night before and I am as angry now as I was after last night’s absolute shambles of a performance from our side last night. In the first half our back four absolutely capitulated as Santon, M’biwa, Coloccini and Debuchy gave us all a lesson in how not to defend in the Premier League. Romelu Lukaku was always going to be a thorn in our side, but with 2 goals and an assist in 45 minutes, even he could not have wished for a better half, but the Newcastle United defence did themselves no favours.

With Santon lunging in and getting caught out of position, M’biwa and Coloccini failing to understand the concept of marking and positioning. and Debuchy pretty much carrying on with his poor start to the season, we were always going to struggle, and struggle we did.

I wrote and article last week with comments from Neville Southall who had pointed out that Pardew makes excuse after excuse and never holds his hands up for a defeat, and guess what? He still hasn’t. This is the rubbish he had to say to the media about the defeat,

“What was said at half-time was more about personal pride than anything else.

“Our fans are disappointed, and rightly so, after that first half.

“The players responded, and that is one good thing.

“It would’ve been fortuitous for us if we’d got something from the game. The first half wasn’t good enough.

“The second half was much more like it, we showed a bit of pride and passion, won some headers, won some tackles and made some forward passes.

“It was important I reminded them (at half time) of the nuts and bolts of the game – there are fundamentals that need to be done in the team ethic, and I didn’t think we did those in the first half.

“They are a good side, but we stood off them too much in the first half, and a couple of goals were more than defendable.”

I’m sorry, but there was absolutely nothing in our second half display that showed any sort of passion, or “nuts and bolts” football as Pardew inexplicably calls it. Cabaye hit a wonder strike, and Remy hit a consolation to take the gloss off of it. Bearing in mind that Everton pretty much switched off for the entirety of the 2nd half. As for the 2nd half being better than the 1st? It couldn’t have got worse Alan, therefore an improvement was expected!

Instead of tearing into the team, instead of holding his hands up and saying, “I was wrong to put Cabaye on the bench because Tiote is clearly useless…” he comes out with this inane drivel, that is hollow, and goes around the houses without saying anything of any substance. We won some headers? We won some tackles? We made forward passes? That’s called playing football you idiot!

It doesn’t matter though. Pardew won’t get sacked. He’s Ashley’s yes man, and is invaluable to him, because so long as Pardew is at the club, Ashley can distance himself from the immediate criticism. People will be blinded by Pardew’s idiocy and forget that this is all Mike Ashley’s doing. The sooner we get rid of the ringleader of the circus, then the clown (Kinnear) and the performing seal (Pardew) will soon follow.

What do you think? Was our second half a more “passionate” display as Pardew seems to think? Or is he talking out of his rear end as per usual? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. Ciaran,

    I would be good for your blog if you developed more of a sense of what the top story of the day is. Your blog is more about opinion pieces than the “other” one. I admire Ed’s perseverance, but he sometimes misses the best story of the day. He hadn’t much to say on the “the club is skint” remarks or the staggering Fans Forum meeting last week.
    As a “for instance”, Tommyy (in “the other place”) wrote very well on the little boy crying last night. It was a powerful image that people who post about formations and transfer targets probably don’t get, But would have been talked about in workplaces all over the place this morning. The big story isn’t always the best story.
    You could have worked something up on that.
    The “V-sign” piece was a good talking point, and I’m pleased someone raised it.
    Here am I, lecturing you on the craic.
    Don’t worry overmuch about the comments. You are getting it out there. I worked for 25 years with no regular feedback from the customers about my work.


    1. I see what you are saying and I am inclined to agree with you. It’s early days for the blog and I am settling into a routine of balancing college, work and enjoying myself so I have been unable to sit down and structure what it is I want to write about, rather it is more reactionary than that. Last night was a toss up between the V sign or the little boy crying and in hindsight I should have ran them both, alas a 9am start this morning wouldn’t allow it, but I will take your advice on board.

      My blog will never resemble Ed’s blog, and I think the intense focus on opinion pieces is to symbolise that fact. As the blog develops I will have a more structured way of doing things.

      Thanks for the e-mail earlier, I had to dash off, and I have to dash off again which has prevented me from contacting you but I have passed on your thoughts. Talk again soon.


  2. ‘and made some forward passes’ – it’s hardly rocket science!

    Think tonight once again showed that the club got it wrong, I didn’t know much about Mbiwa before he came, I had no idea he was as similar to Collo as he is. The club did. This makes the cancellation of the Douglas deal, who I believe is a big strong rugged centre half, more disappointing.
    On the semi positive side, I’m sure Lukaku will do that to a fair few more defences over the years. Chelsea are going to have some player next season!

    Unfortunately I was at work, so was watching the game from the wrong side of the bar, so I may have missed the odd bit. Because of that I won’t go into it too much.

    One thing I can definitely say is the improvements made were always going to come. When you are winning 3-0 in the Premier League you tell your players to take their foot of the gas, close down a bit less, play more balls to feet rather than ahead of the man. It gives your team that extra time to rest which could help prevent injury or improve performance in the next game.

    HBA looked so poor again. Something needs to happen, drop him against Cardiff, play with a front 3 of Remy—Cisse—Gouffran and bring him on with 30 to go. He’ll probably come on and get a goal and hopefully play better in the next few games. He needs to remember to do the basics well rather than trying to force something magical EVERY SINGLE TIME. If theres nothing on, drop it off, move into space, try again. You can’t skin 4 people and score a wonder goal every single time.

    Was disappointed in Kruls part in a couple of the goals. We all know this is just a blip because he is a top top keeper, but maybe it gives you an idea of how much confidence he has in his defence? Is it time to give Dummet a chance at LB? I think so. When Haidara is back then at least there will be some competition for FB places. I think the same goes for Taylor coming back, at least he will add competition. Williamson is also showing that he can still do it in short bursts, wouldn’t like to see him starting though as some fans have suggested, lets not get carried away. Maybe we will need Taylor or Williamson in when we play against strong physical teams.


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