The club lie yet again!

Not coming down any time soon

Not coming down any time soon

You will remember last week that I did an article about how Sports Direct do not pay any advertising for the hideous boards that adorn St James’ Park, and I reported how someone was interested in buying the space for local businesses and even the Sir Bobby Robson foundation. While I did not hold out much hope that the person in question would get very far with his endeavour, what I didn’t expect (but probably should have expected) is that the club have misled the fans once again.

This is the article posted on The Mag, outlining the issue,

“Last week I wrote an article about making an offer to sponsor some of the advertising boards around the ground and I nominated Sir Bobby Robson’s Charity to be advertised. May I start off by saying thank you to everyone who made an offer to help. The offers altogether were in the region of about £3,000 EVERY HOME GAME!!!!!

This followed Newcastle United directors stating in the minutes of a fans forum;

‘The club explained that the advertising boards in question were installed with Sports Direct branding as a showcase for unused space. Sports Direct don’t pay but it would be sold if other advertisers wanted the space.’

After my original email to the club and 5 unanswered voicemails left for people in the marketing department of the club, I heard nothing back. That is until now…

I was contacted by someone high up in the marketing department of the club (I have their name but won’t publish it here) and this is exactly what I was told;

“The club hold back ALL advertising boards, both L.E.D and normal boards, for official partners who pay a lot of money to keep them there”.

The person instantly dismissed me when I spoke of the Sir Bobby Foundation and said that is something they would not do. Not once was a price discussed in this very short phone call so they did not want to know if I was willing to pay £1 or £1million per board, that didn’t matter to them.

So basically the club has lied (shock horror) in either their recent meeting with NUST & Co at the Fans Forum, where they stated “Sports Direct advertises for free”, or alternatively to me on the phone when they said, “official partners pay a lot of money to keep them there”.

Please note he did say that official partners included Thomas Cook and Puma.”

There are lies entangled within this situation somewhere, either from the marketing department,  or from the club representatives who were answering questions to the fan’s forum. Either way, the club has, once again, been proven to be misleading the fans once more.

If the official partners are paying money to “hold back ALL the boards” then why would they want Sports Direct being plastered on it? Surely if our official sponsors are paying for the boards, they would want their own logo adorning the board?

To tell you the truth, I’m not surprised. This club is rotten to the core and they are showing themselves up time and time again.

What do you think? Who is lying to whom? Did the club reps lie when they said they would sell to advertisers? Or did the marketing rep lie when they said official sponsors pay for the boards? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. The space isn’t for sale. Maybe if it was someone from a large company who was interested then offers would be listened too.
    The space will be worth more than £3’000 a fortnight to Ashley.


    1. The point is that the club said they would be willing to sell to investors. The Marketing Rep did not know the lad was only going to pay £3000, for all they were aware of he might have been willing to pay £50,000 every home game. They dismissed him off hand by saying that the official sponsors pay for them.

      That is a massive contradiction given how the club reps told the fans forum that Ashley doesn’t pay anything for the boards and would be willing to sell if buyers were forthcoming.


  2. You have to laugh. In a quest to find answers we only end up with more questions.

    Surely people can’t still question why fans are so disillusioned with the club. I can’t think of one area that isn’t surrounded in controversy and deceit.

    Let’s just leave it to us to draw our own conclusions aye? Sounds a grand idea.

    Are we at the point where the club don’t feel they need to try and cover the lies and mistakes anymore? I really hope these marches prove that there are a lot of fans who wont take it anymore. We’re not expecting the world or anything unrealistic. Some sensible dialogue would be a start.


  3. Tinman…I think in their own way they have made official statements now. Granted they differ slightly, but the overriding factor is…

    Minimal investment for the maximum gain….Basically, let’s get in that Premier League cash.

    All well and good if it’s with a view to push on, but given our history of pushing on when the opportunity arrives, I’m not exactly full of confidence. Heck, I’m not even confident we can achieve that basic target.

    I don’t think Ashley and co have realised that by constantly lowering expectations, they’re also lowering the expectations of the manager and players. I don’t care who you are, if your ultimate boss (or his rep) are saying you can’t compete and are only aiming for the middle of the road, then that is all they will aspire too.

    The lack of ambition is clear to see throughout. Everyone just seems to have given up.


    1. Yeah mate you have to be aim high. You can see it in some of the French boys, they are berift of confidence, someone needs to let them know we can do it, we can get results against the big boys, we can hammer Hull at home.
      Although I think a new manager would be brilliant in the short term it would only mask over the deeper problems we have.
      We need to get Ashley out and the march is just the beginning. Can only see the campaign gaining momentum after that.
      Lets keep our fingers crossed.


      1. Tinman…If they have done their research and approach the protest in the right manner, which it sounds like they have, then it will gather momentum and support.

        Fans desperately need something to believe in and are basically living in fear of what might come next.

        I hope the campaign can be positive and bring some change.

        It certainly is time 4 change.


        1. Well the only thing we, as fans can do, is to promote the march as much as we can, show our support as much as we can, encourage as many NUFC fans to attend the march as we can and basically just do our bit.

          The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for a few good men to sit back and do nothing. There are more than a few good men (and women) out there who love the toon. Don’t sit back and do nothing please!


  4. Ciaran…There were talks of ideas for overseas fans being able to help and contribute…has this been expanded on yet or is it merely spreading the word at this point?

    How’s life back at Uni?


    1. Haven’t had any concrete word on any policy geared at that just yet, but I will have a word and see where we are on that score as it is something that I personally would be very passionate about given that I am an overseas fan originally.

      It’s good to be back at it, although the amount of time I spend blogging doesn’t bode well does it! haha


    1. If you have some information, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, I am relaying the facts as I see it. As far as I am concerned, there is no way both the marketing department, and the club reps are telling the truth, ergo someone is lying.

      What is so hard to understand about that?


  5. It always involves drink! Ha ha.
    Peter, I believe a video message service is being set up where people who attend and also those who can’t attend the march can video a short message stating why they would have marched if they could have made it.
    There are developments on a daily basis at the moment and as originally hoped many people from all over are coming together to help in any way they can.


  6. Mactoon….I love that idea!

    I’ll start on my script, finding a good location, hiring actors etc now. I’ll keep it short, honest 🙂

    Hell to it, I’m going for an Oscar. Keep me posted.


  7. Get a grip with these comments about protests. They are not going to happen and Ashley couldn’t care less. None of us have ever met him and (apart from in the early days when he was attending matches) nor likely too. He has too much money and doesn’t give a sh*t. The perfect opportunity to protest was to boycott the Leeds game as you had to buy a ticket and not rely on season ticket holders missing boycotting a game as they had already paid for up front. What happened, thousands turned up. I am packing my season ticket in at the end of the season after 30 years, Best protest I can think of and looking forward to it, bored with it all now and better things to do in my life. As someone who has followed Newcastle all over the country and Europe, I think I have earned the right to class myself as a true fan and protest in this way


    1. You’re describing one of the other notions that is allowing Ashley to get away with everything he does – fan apathy.

      You give up your season ticket, you feel you’re making a big protest. You’re not. Some other Johnny come lately will take up your season ticket and you’ve achieved nothing, other than the false thought that you’ve made a difference.

      I’ve no doubt you are a passionate fan, but if you think just giving up your season ticket will make Ashley take notice, you are very sorely mistaken.


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