Is Cardiff a must win game already?

Looks concerned, maybe he should be.

Looks concerned, maybe he should be.

Having scoured the fans sites, read the opinions of various different fans, as well as looked at our upcoming fixtures and applied a critical evaluation of we have done, and how we are likely to do in our upcoming games, I have come to the grand conclusion that we’re in deep doo-doo.

Seriously though, we are only 6 games into the season and things are not looking particularly positive from a Newcastle United fan’s perspective, and with the likes of Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea to come in the up coming 5 games, there is ample cause for concern when one looks at our current league position, and speculate over how many points we may have after 10/11 games of the season.

With this in mind, it would appear that this weekend’s fixture against Cardiff is taking on added significance as it is surely one of the few opportunities Newcastle United will have in the next 5 matches to pick up maximum points. Obviously I will always back us to do well in any game, but the fact that we’ve been hammered by City, beaten at home by Hull and embarrassed by Everton, I really cannot see us getting anything from Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs, but stranger things have happened. The derby is another game that I would always back us to get three points from, but those games can go either way.

With us sitting on 7 points from 6 games, we are not in a terrible position, however, if we were to remain on 7/8 points after 11 games, then we would be in a worrying position early doors and would be embroiled in an early season relegation tussle. Previous experience of last season has shown that if you get sucked in early on it can be hard to scrap your way back out of trouble.

So 3 points are the aim of the game tomorrow, obviously, and anything less would leave some cause for concern as we enter in to a rather tricky phase of games. I think it is a bit early to declare that it’s a “must-win” just yet, but I would say it is a “preferably not lose” game.

How do I want Pardew to approach this game? I always want to see him throw caution to the wind and go for the win. He needs to play a midfield three, of which does not include Tiote, and a back four that does not include either Taylor or Williamson. I know for a fact that I am going to be bitterly disappointed tomorrow as Williamson and Tiote both look set to start despite the fact they are both useless.

M’biwa had a horror show against Everton but if that was the standard for dropping players then surely Santon should be dropped as well? Also, why did Pardew not apply this standard to Tiote or Jonas last season when both players were, quite frankly, the worst players on the pitch game in, game out? I am not against a more defensive mentality, but it has to be shown to work. Conceding 11 goals in 6 games, 6 goals in our last 2 games, would indicate that our defensive set up leaves a lot to be desired. So if we’re going to concede goals at the back, lets have a go and try and outscore the opposition. No? Just me?

What do you think? Would you say Cardiff is a must win game? Is it too early in the season to panic? What do you think when you look at our fixture list in the upcoming weeks? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. I would like him to find a way to fit Ben Arfa into the side where he can play with freedom and expression( say up top with Remy), play Gouffran,Santon,Cabaye,Anita,in the middle and in defence play anyone who looked good in training the day before because let’s face it, whatever combo is used we are going to concede.
    So your right we need to out score them! I had thought about pushing colo into that mid quartet and trying 3 at the back but I just don’t think the confidence is there to try new systems at the minute.
    Maybe a must win,but I get the feeling we could lose here then beat Liverpool,then lose a few more! continuing this, feeling low then pulling one out the hat syndrome.
    To win at Cardiff though, your right, we need to be offensive and take it to them for the 90 mins.
    Here’s hoping Pardew can formulate a winning combo!!!!!!


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