Cabaye’s comments stir pot again

Gritted teeth today

Gritted teeth today

The dust had begun to settle, water had begun to flow under the bridge, and we had started to see the best from him in our last game against Cardiff. So today’s comments from Yohan Cabaye seem to strangely stir the pot again with regards his transfer situation which seems to be odd for a man who supposedly was the guilty party in the situation.

When quizzed about the issue by French media this is what he had to say,

“The only other person who knows the truth is Joe Kinnear.” “If he is honest, he will tell it.”

“It’s not for me to answer.” “I don’t want to talk about it. This is a press conference for the national team.”

That almost sounds like Cabaye is laying down the gauntlet to Joe Kinnear, challenging him to tell the truth about the scenario. He seems to indicate that only two people know the full story, himself and Kinnear, and obviously Cabaye has restrictions over what he can and cannot say, so he is passing the buck to Kinnear – “if he is honest, he will tell it” is a very barbed phrase, one that seems to insinuate that all is not what it originally appeared to seem.

For those who have followed the early articles of the NUFC Daily, we tried to portray that kind of thinking around the Cabaye furore; do not believe everything that comes out of the club, and I would stand by that mantra today.

I’m not saying that there is anything in Cabaye’s comments as it could also be a case of mistranslation, but if Cabaye did indeed say these words then it does throw the situation into a, potentially, new light.

This could be a case of looking for something that is not there, but I feel it is ambiguous enough to mention, and the fact that Cabaye did not intimate that even his manager was aware of the full situation is interesting. Maybe he isn’t. It also sheds some light into the developing situation at Newcastle United. Kinnear is the man in charge with discussing ins and outs with the players, maybe his remit is to decide whether to withdraw them from duty to get the full transfer fee.

I think many fans will have noticed how incredibly annoyed Cabaye was when he came on against Fulham, and was even booed by some Newcastle fans. I personally mentioned that this could be due to the fact that he was frustrated at being wrongly booed for a situation that was not his doing.

Manager Alan Pardew has also been on overdrive trying to praise Cabaye, and is going over the top in trying to resolve the matter but bumming up Cabaye at every opportunity. Could this be middle-management trying to repair the damage to Cabaye’s reputation for something that was not his fault?

Like I say, this could be something of nothing and I could be imagining things. But then again, it might not be,

What do you think? Are you curious about Cabaye’s statement? Or do you think we should just stop theorising and accept things at face value? I’d love to hear your views.

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    1. Total mystery. So frustrating as a fan. If Cabaye is just trying to shirk the blame he would have done it before now. Think Kinnear has fucked him around somewhat. Probably 6 and two 3s as too whos fault it was.


      1. It is hard one to totally ascertain the truth from, I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of it fully, but that’s exactly what the club want. As long as he’s a professional footballer, his hands are tied.


  1. If we’re relying on JFK then I’d say we’re never going to find out the truth. Problem as I see it is that it’s hard to believe anything that comes from the club. That is a shame.
    This could just be an innocent remark with poor translation.


    1. That’s true MacToon, being careful not to make a mountain out of a molehill, just reporting the ambiguity of the statement and pointing out the possibility of underhand dealings by the club officials.

      Nothing new of course, just another to potentially add to the list.


  2. I think cabaye and kinnear were in on it together, but i think cabaye is angry as he wasnt protected by the club after deal didn’t materialise and was made the scapegoat which shows no class from the board as per. During the window our board play a clever mind game. Unfortunatly cabaye was caught in the crossfire! Sounds plausible 🙂


  3. Like Kevin Keegan said you cannot trust these people ….why would players want to stay Cabaye like so many players have no loyalty …and can you blame them with Bufoons like JK running the show ..he would throw anyone to the wolves in his masters bidding. All the more reason to get these pernicious clowns out of the club.


  4. Petit rappel des faits : désireux de rejoindre un club plus huppé – et notamment Arsenal -, l’ancien Lillois était entré en conflit avec sa direction au point de refuser de jouer avec les Magpies. Il a attendu le 31 août, soit deux semaines après le coup d’envoi de la Premier League, pour disputer son premier match de la saison : face à Fulham (1-0). Invité à revenir sur cet épisode, Cabaye s’y est refusé. «C’est du passé, a-t-il souligné. La seule personne qui pourrait expliquer ce qui s’est passé, c’est Joe Kinnear (directeur sportif de Newcastle). S’il est honnête, il le dira». L’international français n’en a pas dit davantage sur ses relations avec les supporters qui s’étaient détériorés. «Leur état d’esprit a aussi été influencé par rapport à ce que le club a voulu faire passer. Ils ont pris partie, je le respecte». for those who can read and understand french decide if you think its lost in translation ………….”S’il est honnete”…….. “if hes honest”…….well we all know the answer to that!


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