Good result eases tensions, for now

Things aren't as grim as they were

Things aren’t as grim as they were

First and foremost, I must make it known that I thought that Saturday’s victory against Cardiff was very surprising, and very welcome indeed. For those who have been following my recent articles, you will know that I predicted a draw at best, and most likely, a defeat. I am delighted to be wrong on that score as we have clocked up 3 welcome points which have proved hard to come by this season.

Pardew decided to go for a more gritty look, demonstrated by his decision to play Williamson at the back and Tiote in midfield. I still cannot defend this team selection, even in light of the victory, as it shows that Pardew has little to no faith in the likes of M’biwa and Anita, both of whom had to make way for Saturday’s game.

Don’t get me wrong, Alan Pardew has to be commended for changing things from the horror show that we seen on Monday night, but I think he chose the wrong victims. Anita and M’biwa should have kept their places while Santon and Tiote should have been benched. Santon for his embarrassing display on Monday where he was destroyed, and Tiote because he is a sub-standard player.

Also, the decision to drop the impressive Gouffran for the disappointing Cisse is also a worry. Seeing out of form player start while consistent performers languish on the bench is never a good sign.

However, with all that in mind we still put in a very good show in the first half and really could have put Cardiff away. 2 excellent goals from the red-hot Loic Remy ensured that we had a comfortable lead going into half time, and despite the worrying slip in form in the second half, we were still able to secure the win, which brought about a vital 3 points for the team.

Considering that we have Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Sunderland making up our next 4 games, it was imperative that we got the win and I am delighted that our boys managed it.

I’ve already lost faith in Alan Pardew, as many of you already know, but I certainly can appreciate the odd result here and there. Unfortunately, positive results are somewhat of a rarity and we have to savour them when they come about.

I haven’t changed my mind about any of the powers that be in Newcastle United, including the manager. I haven’t changed my mind about any of our sub-standard players either. This was a vital 3 points gained. Nothing more. Nothing less. Bring on Liverpool at home on 19th October.

What do you think? Do you agree with Pardew’s selection? Were other players more worthy of selection? What were your impressions following the match? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. Agree that Goofy shouldn’t have been dropped, although I think Pardew was hoping Cisse would break his duck and mental block against relatively easy opposition. However how you suggest that Yanga-Mbiwa should have kept his place is beyond me – he was absolutely terrible against Everton and personally at fault for two of their goals. I do like him, but he looked like a frightened rabbit on Monday night. Also to call Tiote “sub-standard” is just silly – his form has dipped in the last 12-18 months but for me he should still be a first-teamer, and he played well on Saturday. Pardew is paid to manage the team and the team he picked won convincingly – how can you argue with that, unless you’re one of these people who wilfully ignore the evidence of your own eyes because of an unshakable hatred of Pardew?


    1. So you are slating M’biwa for one bad performance yet Tiote is a first teamer for a dip in form that, in your own words has lasted 12-18 months.

      I don’t hate Pardew, he is simply not good enough. The evidence of a 16th place finish last season, as well as a thrashing to City, home defeat to Hull and a shocking display against Everton would attest to. It will take more than a few decent away wins to convince me otherwise. So I would suggest it is you who is wilfully ignoring the evidence in front of your own eyes.


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