Loan deal cause of concern to Newcastle fans

Let's hope he doesn't tire of scoring

Let’s hope he doesn’t tire of scoring

The news going round the local publications and fans sites today has been largely centred around Loic Remy, and with little wonder. The French striker come winger has netted 5 times in as many appearances and has an assist to boot. Given how out of sorts Papiss Cisse has been, coupled with any form of competition from the bench, it is a really positive sign that he is stepping up to the mark and willing to shoulder the goalscoring burden this season. Or so his early form would suggest.

So the anxiety from Newcastle United fans comes when we acknowledge the fact that Remy doesn’t belong to us as he is on loan from QPR and I think the question that is on many fans’ lips is whether or not we have an option to sign Remy permanently, or if we are to lose the talented French International when his loan spell is up.

According to Joe Kinnear, the ‘mastermind’ behind the Remy loan deal, we have no option to sign the player permanently, this is what he said following the away win against Villa a few weeks ago,

‘I was delighted to bring Loic Remy to the club in August. In the glimpses we have seen of him so far he has shown what we knew already; that he is a top quality player who will be a fantastic asset to the team.

While it is very early days, Loic possesses all the characteristics that we are looking for to improve the first team and, if he became available, he is exactly the kind of player I would want to secure for this football club.

Clearly, however, he’s a QPR player and we are respectful to them as they will no doubt have their own agenda for Loic when he returns to them.’

Since then we have had some conflicting comments from the club saying that there may in fact be an option to sign him, and of course, last week Harry Redknapp was quoted as saying that he doesn’t want him to return to QPR, and would much rather he secures a permanent deal for Newcastle instead.

There is also the issue of the impending trial looming over Remy. Remy is due to face charges of rape in November, and surely the outcome of this trial will be a determining factor in his transfer future, but it wouldn’t explain a situation in which we have no option to buy, or at least first refusal to buy him when the opportunity does arise. One thing is for sure, is that if he keeps scoring with the same regularity this season, earns his place in France’s World Cup squad and plays his way into the French side, we can kiss our chances of signing him permanently goodbye if we do not have an option.

What do you think? What is your take on the Remy loan situation? Do you think we have an option to buy? I’d love to hear your views.

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    1. I think a loan deal where the the parent club wants a sale is the key! As opposed to sending out for experience, They probably tried to get him to stay but he chose the clause to leave, albeit on loan,not their choice as they wanted money but probably something to do with impending court case over him, so sensible conclusion all round.
      Now I know not many like Harry up here, but I figure when he gets pissed off with someone, he doesn’t forget it ( hence him saying he doesn’t want him back) and even more absurd is, if our DOF’s only work throughout the summer DID NOT include an option to buy assuming his innocence, especially when they were pushing us to buy! Then I know nothing!!!!!! Again………………………….


      1. He is playing well, and in and around French players, has just got into French team. He will be loving his time here so far. Plus he probably thinks he owes us just a little.
        Arry as said he can go.
        I think we’ll get him. Not sure how long he will stay though. Could turn into a top Prem striker. But I hear that he rarely goes a season uninjured.


        1. If he’s flying going into the World Cup squad and plays well there then he will certainly not feel any loyalty to Newcastle United, why would he? If we have no option to buy him I feel we will be priced out of the market for him anyway.


  1. You lot shouldn’t have been so tight and purchased him when you had the chance, but NO, your powers to be wanted to loan him to be on the safe side!!! Crikey, didn’t they see the goals he scored for us last season??? He is a star quality forward that did not want to play in the Championship when we went down. That is the reasoning for Redknapp saying that he can stay with you at Newcastle. Do you REALLY think that is what he wants??? He stole him from Pardew for a reason, why did Remy sign for us and not you??? Please don’t say money because he is playing on loan to you now, so that isn’t the reason. Redknapp is the KEY factor here, and if we get promoted this season, we WILL deffo have Remy back to play for us, make no mistake about that. Redknapp is just being his normal cagey self, he likes Remy, he wants Remy, and if we go up, he will have Remy!!!!


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