Mike Ashley gets confused…

Where am I?

Where am I?

Our search for the answer is over! We have finally realised why Mike Ashley may be one of the single worst football owners in the Premier League, and it has come straight from the mouth of his very own puppet, Alan Pardew.

Appearing on Goals on Sunday, Alan Pardew revealed why Ashley makes such ridiculous decisions when he said,

“Mike is a strong character who has been a success in his whole business life and is a genius in that world – but when you come to football the logic doesn’t quite fit.”

“He loves football but he sometimes can’t understand how it works, and it confuses and upsets him, and when he is upset he does things that aren’t brilliant for the football club.”

“That’s just Mike and he has funded the club, made sure we have no debt – other than to himself – and supported me.”

“But unless we get a billionaire from deepest Russia we are probably not going to be able to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, which is what our fans want.”

Well there you have it, when it comes to running a football club, Mike Ashley simply does not have a clue. Well if you’re like me, this doesn’t come as any huge shock, as some of the decisions that he has made pertaining to the football club have been, quite frankly, ridiculous. Failure to invest time and time again, unambitious appointments of old pals, renaming of St James’ Park but to name a few of the infuriating decisions taken by Ashley over the years.

Once more, if you are like me, you know for a fact that Pardew has been sent out with a script of what to say, and I find it strange how this comment comes in the wake of a protest march aimed at getting the owner to change his ways. Pardew nearly never offers an opinion on Ashley, even a positive one, and suddenly he is seemingly criticising his own boss on national television? Some may claim that I read so far between the lines that I invent conspiracy where none exists, and I even nearly did a U-turn on my conspiratorial ideas about the Yohan Cabaye transfer situation, but I am increasingly thinking that not everything was as it seems there, and so too, do I think not all is black and white as it would appear in this instance.

How Pardew can claim that he has been ‘supported’ by Ashley is beyond me. He has left him short of options 2 seasons running and left him to carry the bulk of the ire from Newcastle United fans. I don’t like Pardew not only because I think he is an average manager, but he patently never tells it like it is. We are in more debt now to Ashley than we ever were in to the banks, so much so that Ashley has attached an added £140 million pounds to the sale price of Newcastle United in order to recoup his losses, until he receives that asking price he will continue along this path of minimal investment for maximum output – simply being in the Premier League is worth more than any silverware would bring him, so why would he invest?

So does it surprise me that Ashley does not understand football and gets confused and is a blithering idiot? Ok I added that last part but it does not surprise me that he is oblivious to the needs of a football club, and the sooner he either changes his ways or packs his bags, the better off Newcastle United will be.

What do you think? Will Ashley be happy with Pardew’s comments? Did they come as a surprise to you? I’d love to hear your views.

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  1. I get the feeling we’re in the process of trying to humanize Mike Ashley.

    They will be well aware of the growing feeling amongst fans and the club will obviously do what they can to cause doubt as to how bad a guy Ashley really is.

    It’s not that he’s bad or that he has evil intentions, it’s just he doesn’t always understand is what I take from Pardews comment. Does that hint that he is learning? Could there be a brighter tomorrow with this man who has managed to get the club operating at a profit (if we don’t consider MA “loan” for a minute)? Personally, I am not buying it. I am open to the idea, but wont be changing my stance based on Pardew speaking on goals on Sunday.

    The club will know that there are a fair few fans who are still unsure about the march this weekend and they would like nothing more for it to be a small turn out and to fizzle away.

    Lets hope for a good and positive turn out on Saturday. If it at the very least keeps the club on their toes then it will be a success. They need to know that there are a number of fans who will no longer just accept what is said, we want to see some action.

    Not asking for miracles, just some clear direction.

    Fingers crossed.


    1. Apologies for the late reply Peter!

      It is up for debate whether he has negative intentions or not, or whether he simply wants to make money in the most brutally stringent of ways, either way, he doesn’t make for an ambitious owner of a football club.

      I won’t listen to anything coming from the club, positive or negative, because it is a poisonous PR machine designed to spin and chunder out nonsense that will blind the gullible and appease the apathetic and I say no more.

      No longer should we sit idly by and allow this to happen. We call ourselves football fans? We claim to love our club? What are we doing about it? What have we done about it? Any fan who shows up on Saturday should be commended. Any fan who is hesitant about the march and wants to wait and see how it unfolds before joining, but has the interests of the club at heart, should be commended.

      But any fan who thinks this club is going in the right direction under Ashley should not be considered a Newcastle United fan.

      If you do, you are a disgrace.


  2. Come on now, tell us how you really feel! 🙂

    To be clear, I was saying what I thought the purpose of Pardews comments were, not that I believe that to be the case. Having re-read my comment, it does come across as me saying that poor old Mike is a misunderstood character…which is not how i feel at all.

    The apathy amongst fans is staggering. It is our duty to not give up on our club. That doesn’t mean there should be weekly protests about every single little thing, but any leader should not be left in a position where they feel they wont be challenged by anyone…that can become very damaging very fast.

    I understand some fans worries about the march, I wonder whether those fans are as worried about the consequences of not taking any action. People can only take so much and I think we’re almost at a critical point where it would be irresponsible to just sit and wait.

    I fully support time4change and really hope that it turns out as planned. Will Ashley take much notice? I think he’d be foolish not to. More importantly at this stage, it should make fans and media outlets more aware and give them an opportunity to effect change, rather than just feel useless and defeated.

    Come on the toon army!


    1. Oh no, I wasn’t claiming that you thought that about Mike at all, I was making a general comment on the purpose of Pardew’s comments as well! haha

      If the hesitant fans who are worrying about their own fan base were to apply such scrutiny to Mike Ashley, I think we’d have a sizeable turnout at this march, as such we don’t have that luxury as many fans are turning a blind eye to his decisions and criticising fans who decide to do something.

      Glad to hear you are supportive, I will keep at the organisers to find a way for distance fans to be involved!



  3. Agree Ciaran the spin that comes out of the club only makes the fans dizzy …Pardew although is usually well rehearsed …he did appear to be skating on thin ice with his comments about Ashley …glimmer of cracks appeared whether intentional or due to poor rehearsal of his script who knows, was it a veiled dig at Ashley? Also at JK…….. Pardew claimed he never knew him before his appointment at the club ….so his wasn’t one of the managers numbers JK has in his little black book.
    and a National Journalist said, “Pardew was open and candid……… plenty of bosses clam up leaving fans ignorant” …………ha ha must have been listening to a different interview from me.

    “He loves football but sometimes cant understand how it works” Do we really want that kind of owner for our club.

    I’ll be marching ……… to show I believe Newcastle football club deserves better the fans deserve better . lets hope this is the beginning and Ashley will get the message either treat this club with respect and show ambition or sell it to someone who will do just that.



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