“We have no fear” – Santon

Doesn't fear Liverpool

Doesn’t fear Liverpool

I know I’ve been rather quiet this week concerning the match that we are facing at the weekend because, quite frankly, I am worried. I know I’ve shown myself willing to boisterously state that we will get hammered, or we will win, or we will be our usual bland selves, but the fact of the matter is Liverpool are coming to St James’ Park. Historically, games between Newcastle United and Liverpool have been close affairs between two teams going at it hammer and tong, and one side (usually us) narrowly missing out on victory. Yes we have claimed a few scalps in our time, and the “Jose Enrique, we’re in the top 6” was a particularly poignant point given the two club’s respective positions in the league last season as well as this season. However, Davide Santon has no such trepidations and is bullish mood this morning speaking to the Shields Gazette, this is what he had to say,

“Last season I remember we lost 6-0. It stays inside of you for a long time.

“It was a difficult period for us. We were in a difficult position in the league, and we needed win.

“But we lost 6-0 at home. It was really difficult, especially for our mentality.

“It’s finished now. We have to think about this season.

“We can compete with every team. We’re not scared about anything.

“If we can compete like we did (against Cardiff), we have a chance. We have to make sure we give 100 per cent.

“Every game is a tough game. Liverpool have been good. But we’ll see what happens. In the Premier League, you never know.

Well at least Santon’s memory isn’t playing tricks on him, but I’m pretty sure every Newcastle United fan remembers the absolute footballing lesson that was handed out to us in that 6-0 defeat last season. If the Italian could somehow manage to remember how to defend we may well be in business.

To tell you the truth, I would rather our players said nothing to the media and just got on with it. I know it’s part of their job to come out with these PR sound bites, and they are really only answering questions being put to them by journalists, but if I read “we have to give 100%” one more time, I think I’m going to scream. Not one single player in our squad can honestly say that they have given 100% in any of our matches since the season we finished 5th.

Yes, we know you should give 100%, but tell us why you all have been so poor for so long? Why have you not been giving 100% Stop telling us what we know you should do, and simply go out and do it. I’m not just aiming this at Santon (although I do have a penchant for slating him) this goes to all of our players who have let us down. They all should remember the embarrassment felt by the club, the fans, and the entire region after our humiliation at the hands of Liverpool last season, and they should be going all out to put that mistake right.

Only time will tell whether these players really care or not. Given the talent in Liverpool’s squad, I don’t think it is beyond the pale to expect defeat. What I don’t want is a capitulation like last season. Therefore, a full-blooded performance where they leave it all out there on the pitch to repay the loyalty of our fans is the very least that is required. If they give us that, then I forgive a poor result. If they give us that, we may even be in with a chance of nicking something. Just don’t roll over lads.

What do you think? Can a player who was part of a defence that leaked 6 goals against Liverpool last season really not fear a repeat? Are we in line for another drubbing or will things be different? I’d love to hear your views.

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      1. Sorry about that I couldn’t resist, on a serious note, I don’t blame you for being quite regards this match, after last season and with Liverpool now being better than last season we have plenty to be fearful of, fortunately Coutino who destroyed us last season is out injured so that’s good news, but a lot depends upon Pardew’s approach, if he is frightened and we are over cautious then we lose heavily again, if Enrique is allowed to get forward and it allows Gerrard who plays a bit deeper these days to get further up the pitch then it will be a long tortuous afternoon, we have to take the game to them, if Ben Arfa plays and is on form then Enrique will not get past the half way line and Gerrard will have to stay in a deep position, that gives us a fighting chance.
        The pace and power of Sturridge and Suarez is a great concern, as well as Willo and Colo done against Cardiff, I would be fearful with those 2 against Liverpool, if Saylor is fit then he has got to play alongside the quick Mbiwa, as a pairing those 2 are far more suited to the challenge which Liverpool will bring, we have got to try as best as we can to stifle the pace and power which they have, Tiote in front of Saylor and Mbiwa and we have at least a chance, put Collo and Willo in there and we get slaughtered, Willo might be tall and get his head to a lot of high balls, but he is weak on the ground as is Colo, and I could out sprint the pair of them with my legs tied together, we cannot allow ourselves to play into their hands, and I and fearful that we might just do that.


        1. You could be right. This is one of those occasions where I think we could benefit from playing Tiote in the CDM role to just simply track and break up play, do not Coutinho settle if he is playing.

          We need as much pace in our defence as possible, but their forward line is so versatile and tricky that our full backs will need to chip in as well, and recently they have been awful defensively.

          I am very fearful of what might come this weekend, but Newcastle United have a tendency to surprise us when we least expect it. Perhaps this weekend will be one of those occasions.


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