What does Newcastle United mean to you?



The Chronicle have asked Newcastle United fans to write in and tell them what our football club means to them. The Chronicle are then going to publish a selection of comments from the fans demonstrating the depth of passion and devotion that exists among United fans. The idea, borne from the famous “What is a club in any case?” quote from Sir Bobby Robson, has gathered a lot of support, with many taking to twitter to publicise it under the hash-tag #ReadThisMrAshley as a call for the Newcastle United owner to listen to the views of the fans.

However, given how in the last 7 days, Mike Ashley has taken to not only banning a number of local publications from the press-box, including the Chronicle, but he has also banned the Newcastle United Supporter’s Trust from participating in any future Fan’s Forum meetings, it would appear that Mike Ashley does not really care what the fans think.

It is still important that fans are able to voice how passionately they love this football club, and what it means to their daily lives. The current owner is so far removed from how his actions are impacting on the daily lives of the people of this great city and region, as well as Newcastle United fans the world over. What is important is that we create a sense of solidarity among the supporters again, that we are all singing from the same sheet, and that is to see Newcastle United doing well once more.

There is a growing sense of discontent among Newcastle United supporters, and with it becoming abundantly clear that the cracks are appearing in the owner’s façade, Ashley’s detractors will be more than encouraged and buoyed to continue along this path, and see what other PR gaffes, own goals and self-made disasters that Ashley will subject himself to in the face of continuing criticism. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all those who are heading to the game tomorrow to bring with them a copy of the Chronicle or the Journal with them to the match tomorrow and hold it up towards the director’s box tomorrow as a sign of solidarity for our press. Ashley can ban the newspapers, he can bar NUST from Fan’s Forum meetings but he will never silence the fans. We Newcastle United fans are a proud, opinionated and passionate bunch. 

So, with a difficult game coming up tomorrow, a strong show of solidarity from the terraces could be just the platform we need in order to provide the team with a good atmosphere to give them every chance of a result. 

Support the team, but fight the regime!




  1. Nufc has always been my life, I’m 50 and I still sulk when we lose. To be honest, Mike Ashley is slowly killing my love for our great club. He could have been our greatest ever owner but instead he’s just a leach, bleeding our club dry.


  2. The Chronicle is asking the fans ‘what does it mean’ to support the club!
    I would ask each and every Chronicle reporter there to add their voice and answer that question!

    The Chronicle always seemed to a lack in the depth of knowledge about the History of the club, from the ‘Return of the Gallowgate Gates’ which weren’t from that end of the ground at all, to using Buskers lyrics to engulf us in nostalgia for the Kop End that wasn’t at all for the first hunderd years, the Gallowgate…History started when they deemed it ‘Year One’ with Keegan, and there’s a reason for that, they are professionals who do a job without the experience of ever having had to buy a ticket, or know what it’s like to ‘stand in the Gallowgate End in the Rain!’.

    Not having the heartbeat of a fan is a handicap when you have to report as if you are. The Chronicle is owned by the Trinity Mirror Group, who use the same format for most of their stable be it South Wales or Birmingham, the Chronicles style hasn’t changed since Alan ‘wide of the mark’ Oliver, and the same mundane un-inquisitive fare is slopped out on a daily basis, nostalgia and player profile but never the nitty-gritty questions. The same hacks with the same hackneyed eyes.

    Why did the Chronicle Stable papers present the sale of the club with its rebuilt stands as constituting a ‘debt to Ashley’…Why did Ryder present a Poll saying ‘95% say were right behind you Pards’…they were lying deliberately, there’s no other way of putting it…deliberate mis-representation of there own polls! Papering over cracks in the regime so wide it was fooling no one!

    What does it mean for you as a reporter to have to work there professionally with a team you don’t really support?…

    Lets get John Gibson to answer that…he’ll know!


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