Did We Only Beat Spurs Because They Were Tired?

Points to Europe

Points to Europe

Just when I was on the cusp of potentially saying something nice about Pardew, he then goes and does something stupid, like open his mouth. Instead of building our lads up and stating how good we were over the weekend, Pards had a seemingly different approach when commenting on the performance. Speaking to the press today Pardew had this to say,

“Spurs looked lethargic and that was us last year,” he said.

“It is a very different concept having to change over two days.

“Chelsea had it on Saturday against West Brom and they nearly lost as well.

“I think everybody needs to look at that. You need an extra day rest.

So, we only beat Spurs because they were tired? After arguably one of our best results of the season, you are taking the chance to try to justify the horror show that was last season!

For those of you who are interested, out of the 11 Tottenham players who played against us on Sunday, only 5 of those started their European game against Sheriff Tiraspol – Friedel, Walker, Vertonghen, Eriksen and Dembele. While Dembele was subbed as a result of a recurrence of his hamstring problem, none of the other above players looked in any way physically impaired on Sunday. In fact, Vertonghen was arguably one of Spurs’ best players.

So instead of using our victory over Spurs to make excuses for our disastrous league form last season, use it as a springboard so that fans are concentrating on how well the team has been doing recently.

The real reason behind our league form last season was the lack of preparation or willingness to invest in progress from our owner Mike Ashley. Spurs do not have that self-same problem, and as clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have shown in recent years, you can have a decent campaign in Europe as well as manage expectations in the league as long as you have a decent number of players to rotate and call upon. While I am not saying we needed the embarrassment of riches that some of the aforementioned clubs have, I do believe our league form would not have fallen off so drastically as to nearly seeing us in relegation trouble had we signed 2 or 3 players in the summer of 2012.

We have gotten to a stage where Mike Ashley is under increasing pressure. What is the club’s response? Not only do they ban the local newspapers, not only do they ban a constituted body – Newcastle United Supporters Trust – from the Fan’s Forum, they are now intent on going a step further. After our win against Chelsea, Pardew was given the instructions to dedicate the win to Mike Ashley who “believe it or not is a fan”, and now he is making excuses for Ashley’s mistakes of last season by ‘blaming’ our win over Spurs on Europe. I am not surprised by Pardew. He is given a script by Wendy Taylor (Newcastle United head of media) and he duly reads it like the puppet he is. He knows he will get no bigger job in world football, so he must bend over backwards (or just bend over) in order to keep it.

It is a sad state of affairs when you can no longer trust your manager to give you an honest account of where the club is at, where they are going in the future. At the minute, I cannot even trust Pardew to give an accurate account of 90 minutes of football, because I am afraid he will try and spin it in some way that will try and show the fans what a great owner Mike Ashley is.

I have no respect for the manager of ‘Newcastle United’. No respect for the management structure of ‘Newcastle United’. No respect for the owner of ‘Newcastle United’.

It’s a hollow shell of the club it once was. Until the puppets, the PR liars, and the fascist puppeteer have all left the club, only then can we begin to heal, move on and maybe believe a word or two that comes from the club. Right now, it is a factory of fabrication and I have well and truly gotten sick of it.



  1. You’re right it was nothing to do with spurs bein tired, it was the fact that krul had the best game of his career(so far). On another day that woulda finished 6 or 7 nil(Lloris woulda mopped up through ball to Remy). However a win is a win so fair play to ya xxxxx


    1. As a Spurs fan (don’t shoot, I have Geordie relatives), this is true.
      As soon as I saw that Friedel had replaced Lloris I just knew that Remy would score at least one through the middle.
      Krul had a great game.
      It is also true that Spurs are still gelling, and Newcastle played well.
      As for being tired: the Europa game was at WHL and there were 8 (or was it 9) changes. And I am one of those Spurs fans who agrees totally with what AVB is trying to do in the Europa. Not only is it the inheritor of the UEFA Cup, which was quite a trophy to win in my day, but, surely, the best way to acclimatize to adjusting to playing in the CL and the EPL is to use the Europa league as a trial run. When we played in the CL our league form dropped massively, so, in effect, we failed to qualify for the CL that season because…we were in the CL. So no-one should be using the Europa game or tiredness as an excuse.
      Ultimately, Newcastle won, fair play to them – Tim Krul had a great game, but that’s his job, and the rest of the team played well – you can only beat the team put in front of you. Newcastle certainly showed more intent and footballing ability, as opposed to stifling ability that most teams that come to WHL these days, looking for a draw or, maybe, steal a win.


  2. well done to Newcastle united on there result it was krul who was the only one who saved Newcastle with one of the greatest display of goalkeeping i have seen in a game i don’t think any team would have scored against him in that form 14 shots on target 14 saves he was outstanding. pardew give your team the credit they deserve ffs beat Chelsea at home then get a great result against us treat toon fans with respect and the team until we meet again COYS!!!!!


  3. Fascist? Oh grow up! You don’t use words like that about a mere football club owner. Do you have any idea what ‘fascist’ means? If you’d been on the receiving end of real fascist behaviour – or lived in a fascist state – you might think twice.


  4. I’m not sure about that. I think that a combination of good goalkeeping and at times bad finishing were the main reasons, after all in the second half we ran your legs off. All credit to Pardew for not sticking ten men behind the ball from the kick-off as other so-called ”master tacticians” such as Sam Allerdyce did.


  5. Wow, support the team kid, not not regime remember!! You seem a bit down by all the politics surrounding our great club – I also hate Pardew, but choose not to listen to the shite he spouts, or read anything quoted by the slack jawed brown- noser, who will never be anything more than a puppet in our great big machine..how lucky is he???
    Your correct in everything you say about life @ NUFC at the minute but everyone knows it! So let’s enjoy two excellent wins for the team instead of the muppets that muddy the waters and think their doing a great job….
    Keep positive and remember I would rather read your blog and others like it over drivel printed in rags – local or not!!


    1. L33johna

      My problem is that I cannot enjoy wins now because I look towards the manager who tries and uses it as PR spin for our owner. Then I look at our owner and think ‘what is the point of even winning?’

      If we finish 5th and qualify for Europe, we will undoubtedly be in another relegation scrap, so is it not better for us to aim for mid-table and just survive in the league? If that is the case, then what are we supporting?

      I love our great club, but it has been hollowed by the people in charge at the moment. I am down about where we are, but I know where we can go and that keeps me going. The reason I write is I hope for others to see what is going on at the club, share this feeling, and collectively try and do something to change it.

      I will always support the team, I was ecstatic with both wins. On reflection though, they mean little in the bigger picture.


      1. Yeh I get it! Our day will come and you will be able to write with zest and gusto about our new owners and new manager and of course our world beating team!!! Happy days!


  6. Sybrian-
    Please don’t imply that it was all down to Krull!! While he was fantastic, I think we played really well first half and everyone played a part, we had other chances to kill the game, whilst spurs laboured for the first 30 mins, they have a great side with some fantastic players at the moment and being at home it was obvious they were going to come strong second half. A lot of their efforts were long range which tells me they struggled to breach the defence at times, so a bit more credit to the team is warranted!!! I also admit we had a wedge of luck,but we’re playing well at the minute also spurs will be up there at the end…


  7. Avb basically said Pardew was talking bollox, when asked about that lol We beat them because our goalkeeper had the game of his life.
    You could probably argue we looked more tired than them.


      1. Yes!! he used that little cracker a few times didn’t he! Even after resting our better players!!-AVB don’t do bullshit!! Spurs looked the stronger 2nd half..but remember they have a much bigger & better squad than we had last year! It’s gonna be like going to Man U or Arsenal where you expect to be up against it most of the game and if you can come away with anything then it’s gonna be keeper or defence that come up trumps every time !!


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