Sports Direct RECEIVES money from NUFC!

Siphoning off OUR money!

Siphoning off OUR money!

Think twice before you spend a single penny that is related to Newcastle United. When you buy a Wonga top and justify it to yourself by saying “I’m financially supporting the club” you should look a little deeper and I think you will be surprised to find out that your money may not even be going to Newcastle United.

There is an interesting article on True-Faith today that would seem to indicate that your hard-earned cash is in fact going to support Sports Direct and not Newcastle United Football Club. (the club’s online shop) is run entirely from Nottinghamshire and has no links to Newcastle whatsoever, which would seem to suggest that there is no relevant link between the purchaser (you and me) and Newcastle United Football Club. So if I buy club merchandise, who is getting the money and in what proportion? Well that is a question that Michael Martin of True Faith posed to the club, and this is the response he has received from that loveable PR ‘guru’ Lee Marshall,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email and apologies for the delay in getting back to you – I’ve been away from the office for a few days so I’m playing catch-up.

Given the suspicion that you mention, I think it’s worthwhile bringing this up as a discussion point in the Fans Forum so I’ll put it on the agenda for the benefit of all fans. Probably worth having all the details published by the club so everyone can get an understanding of how it works.

Thanks again,


Lee Marshall

PR and Supporter Liaison Manager

Newcastle United Football Club

Absolute cop-out.

The notion that Lee Marshall does anything ‘for the benefit of all fans’ is laughable. It is even more laughable that the club intends to divulge the fact that money that is supposed to be going to the club, in fact goes to Sports Direct. This is nothing more than delaying tactics by Mr Marshall given how the next Fans Forum is a month away, and the 1 party that could have been representative of the what actually happens at Fans Forum meetings  – Newcastle United Supporters Trust – has been barred from future Fans Forum meetings.

Can we rely on the other members of the Fans Forum to accurately represent the next meeting? After all, FansUtd did not even accurately report the true nature of their last meeting in their own minutes, so can they be trusted to truly reflect the Fans Forum meeting?

Can we rely on the club to accurately report the true nature of the relationship between and Sports Direct?

It will more than likely just be an absolute washout.

If the club think they are getting away that easily, they have another thing coming. More and more people are beginning to realise that all is not what it seems at Newcastle United. If your money goes to Sports Direct and not Newcastle United, then what are you wasting your money for?

Food for thought.

What also is incredibly interesting from the article in true faith that jumped out at me, is the revelation in the Sports Direct annual accounts for 2013 that Newcastle United PAID Sports Direct £500k for ‘Related Party Transactions’ – what this phrase means is beyond me.

So not only does Sports Direct receive free advertising that would cost any other company millions, but they are also getting paid by our club! For what? What is Newcastle United receiving from Sports Direct that could possibly warrant any form of payment?

Like I said, think twice before you put any money into this toxic sewer that is masquerading as out football club.



  1. Seems like a reasonable response from Lee Marshall. I can’t see how he could have responded better. I imagine they’re too busy to come immediately to the house of every person with an Ashley conspiracy theory.


    1. So you are expecting a full break down of the relationship between and Sports Direct at the next fans forum meeting (which will not be attended by the 1 organisation that has a proper mandate from the fans)

      Marshall works for the club, and works in PR = cannot trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

      Sadly some of our fans are incredibly naive.


  2. Only been a matter of time before this owner was shown to be the shyster that he is.

    So (some?) shirt sale money may not be going back to NUFC funds and we’ve paid his tat shop half a million for what exactly!
    Effectively, he’s taking money from the first team and ripping off every season ticket holder. Still there’s a Boris about to defend this regime, incredible!


    1. Begs belief doesn’t it MacToon? SD gets free advertising, possibly a large proportion (if not all) of the merchandising money. Our commercial revenue plummets as a result, and we are told we cannot buy another player or compete with Southampton on account of the fall in commercial revenue (which has deliberately been siphoned off to SD!) yet there are some people still willing to defend Ashley?


  3. Boris is right. No PR bod worth his salt would try to answer that question in an email. It doesn’t mean the answer will be a good one, but to scream blue murder because he didn’t make a career-ending mistake? THAT is naive.

    as for “free” SD advertising, here’s something to consider: Going rate on that £110M business loan is about £12m a year. So why not just pay that interest to Ashley and the ad charges the other way? Simple: taxes.
    You don’t need to see a conspiracy in every story to know Ashley’s bad for the club so stick to facts!


    1. Can’t have it both ways, if the advertising is the interest upon the loan then there needs to be a statement to suggest this is the case.

      We have been forced to listen to Llambias and Pardew laud Ashley for this ‘interest free’ loan, so if it is indeed interest free, then the advertising is free.

      I am not attacking Lee Marshall for the e-mail, I am attacking him in general as he is a lying little swamp rat, of whom I have personal experience of his lies.

      The answer will not be a good one, not because it will inform us of something we do not want to hear, but because it will not be the truth.

      NUST did not publish minutes, merely a report of their account of the meeting. There is nothing to suggest that they were not allowed to do this, even if they were not allowed to do this, banning them indefinitely is surely an overreaction, a mere reprimand would have sufficed.


  4. As for the NUST ban – is it true that they published “minutes” ahead of the club ones? If so they bossy deserve to be banned! Idiotic, dishonest thing to do.


  5. Funny it has never stopped Marshall before, I was there when he tried to answer the Chronicle’s 10 questions to Ashley!
    The Fan’s Forum has lost all credibilty since the club banned the local press, two fans resigned their position from the fans forum because of this and then the club decided to ban the Trust. NUST, for the record, never released their own minutes but released a report on the first Fan’s Forum which in no way contradicted the club’s official minutes!


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