Fab Fabricio’s heart no longer in it

Newcastle United's captain

Newcastle United’s captain

It is with deep regret that I find myself writing an article that will inevitably see me recommend that the club gets shot of Coloccini in January. Following Coloccini’s comments in Argentinian newspaper Ole, where Newcastle’s captain reiterated that he wanted to go back to Argentina ‘as soon as possible’ it appeared that he his heart was still set on a move back home. Given how poor Coloccini performed in Newcastle’s 2-1 victory at home to Norwich, it would appear that now is the right time to cut our losses and see our captain fantastic make the homeward journey.

Coloccini is a shadow of the player he once was. After suffering a torrid time in his first season on Tyneside where he was part of the team in 2009 that got relegated to the Championship, Coloccini showed his true value to the team by not only being an instrumental figure in seeing us getting promoted right back to the Premier League, but also in playing a pivotal role in establishing us a top tier team again. Coloccini was a rock in our defence when we finished 5th, his vision meant he could spot danger before it developed, he was strong in the tackle and could lead the line exceptionally well. After taking the armband following the sale of Kevin Nolan in 2011, Coloccini was the popular choice. Not very vocal, but led by example.

Last season was a difficult season for Coloccini, as it was for most Newcastle United players. Since the 1-1 at the Stadium of Light early in the season, one could argue that Colo didn’t play well at all from then. Suffering from injury, homesickness and a dip in form, it never really clicked for him, and it became apparent in January 2013 that Colo’s head and heart were elsewhere. However, the curly-haired supremo stated that he would stay at the club until the end of the season, and probably due to not being able to arrange a financial situation that would ensure his move to San Lorenzo, the Argentinian international found himself lining out for the Toon for another season.

It is now safe to say that we should now be planning for life without Coloccini. He has served this club wonderfully, and while we are not in full possession of the facts surrounding his desire to return home, we cannot question how loyal and dedicated he has been while playing for this club. I for one would like to thank Coloccini for his performances not only as a centre half, but as a captain, but would like to finish this article by saying, if you are no longer going to give 100%, it is time you were sitting on the bench.

While I am not Mike Williamson’s greatest fan, he always gives his all for this club, and when it comes to the best interests of the team, sentimentality has to go out the window.

I am of the strong belief that we will not see Coloccini line out for the club following January’s transfer window, and I would even go further than that to say that I would be disappointed in the club if he was retained past then. It is obvious he no longer wants to be in England, keeping an unhappy player for the sake of a couple of million – which is all he would be worth – is being unfair to the player, to the club, and to the fans. Let Coloccini go home, bring in a replacement who wants to be here and let us all move on, instead of having to see more and more lacklustre performances from a man whom we all so fondly think of.

Do the right thing Mike Ashley and let Fabricio Coloccini go home.



  1. I 100% agree with this article… Colo has been a great member of this squad and has brilliantly represented the black & white stripes of the Toon Army for most of his time here. It will be a huge loss to see him leave, but the owner must allow him to do that with the pride and dignity he as shown to this club over the last few years. I think most of our fans will agree it’s best to let him go back home and to thank big Fab for his excellent services.


    1. Usually I would say ‘keep him and make him honour his contract’ but because Colo has been such a model professional over the years, I reckon something very serious and very personal has happened to make him want to leave so suddenly. He has went over and above what would have been expected of him given how he wanted to leave last January, and he has stayed nearly a year afterwards is sufficient to allow him to leave now.

      Like I said, he is no longer the great defender I loved watching, and will only tarnish his great reputation with more inept displays in the future. It does not benefit any party to hold on to him – except Ashley who wants to get his money’s worth.


    1. I wouldn’t have thought Colo would have been a divisive player among fans. He has been our most assured centre half since Woodgate in my opinion. He will be sorely missed, especially if no replacement is brought in.


  2. Great player terrible captain.
    At fault for the Norwich goal but yet he seems emune to criticism. He was awful against Everton but it was Mbiwa who got slaughtered by the media etc. Sell him and Jonas and replace them with Tom Ince and Ryan Shawcross.


    1. I don’t think Colo is immune to criticism any more, I just think a lot of fans appreciate that whatever his personal problems are they seem to be affecting his performances. I’ve spoken to a number of fans who want to see him moved on for his own good and the good of the club.

      I’ve been a long time critics of Jonas and I do think we will shift both of them on in the summer at the latest. You have suggested two excellent replacements, whether we go for an up and coming home grown talent and a proven PL centre half remains to be seen. Somehow I think we will be scraping…I mean scouring the continent for cheap imports again.


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