Champions League? Behave!

Eyes on bigger things

Eyes on bigger things

We have been on an excellent run of form lately, which is great to see. However, logic and reason seem to be one of the first concepts that go out the door when Newcastle put together a decent run of form. Fans begin to talk about what we could possibly achieve, there are news stories about how the ‘sky is the limit’ for the team, and it all inevitably comes crashing down when we lose a couple of games and everyone succumbs to doom once more.

Amidst this decent run of form, the man integral to it, Loic Remy, has given his views on the heights that this team could possibly achieve this season, and needless to say he doesn’t seem to be tempering ambitions any time soon. This is what he had to say,

“For the moment we just carry on and play good. We go game after game. We’ll try to win a lot of games. At the end of the season we can do, maybe, the Champions League.”

“At the moment we are not focused about that. We know we have quality and that we can do it. I am not surprised by the quality of the team.”

I’m all for positive input/positive output but any mention of the Champions League at this stage of the season is premature by anyone’s standards. Also, in comparison to other sides, such as Arsenal, Liverpool, the 2 Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Spurs, it is neither realistic nor attainable in my view. Yes we have just beaten 2 of the supposed top 6 in recent weeks, does that mean we are now Champions League material. Let us not forget that we could not manage to beat Hull or West Ham at home and bottom club Sunderland beat us at the Stadium of Light. We are in a good position now, and if we manage to keep this run of form going into the New Year, then perhaps, with some added investment in January and keeping key players fit, we could keep pace with the top 6 for a little while longer, but suggestions of breaking into the top 4 are ludicrous.

It is interesting to note that Remy and Cabaye are the 2 players with their eyes seemingly focused on the Champions League, with Cabaye recently quoted as saying he ‘misses the Champions League’, and it is no coincidence that these 2 players are widely touted to be plying their trade at a club who dines at European football’s top table next season. All we, as Newcastle United supporters, can hope for, is that we continue to push on, perhaps buy 1 or 2 players in January, and finish the season strong enough to convince some of our more ambitious players that we are a club on the up. However, I think with 1 or 2 of them it will be Champions League next season or nada.

What do you think?



  1. A well balanced blog – I agree top eight maybe but top 4 is a pipe dream. Of course when Reme says “we can do, maybe, the Champions League” the ‘we’ may be his new club one thing for sure it won’t be QPR 🙂


  2. Champions league is a complete pipe dream. Take Remy out of our team and we’re mid table at best. Think if Remy was to get injured for example, we would be flucked, can’t see where the goals would come from.


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