The REAL United triumph at Old Trafford

Wor Yohan!

Wor Yohan!

United put in a triumphant display at Old Trafford yesterday and deservedly ran out winners. What’s that? You think I am talking about Manchester United? Since when did ‘United’ become a universal symbol for Manchester United? The REAL United – without any plastic fans, or whingers who leave the ground 10 minutes early because their team is 1-0 down, won out in the end yesterday and that real United is, of course, Newcastle United.

Manchester United fans demonstrated how lacking in credibility they are, and how undeserving of the moniker ‘United’ they are by ashamedly walking out on their side before the final whistle, while Newcastle United fans made the most of our first victory at Old Trafford in 41 years by singing loud and proud well after the final whistle had blown. There are times when I am incredibly proud to be a UNITED fan and today was one of them.

UNITED showed their resilience by defending well as a team, with the back four of Williamson, Coloccini, Santon and in particular Debuchy impressing for the entire 90 minutes. Much must be said for the imperious midfield performance of a certain Cheick Tiote whom I had previously said was no longer good enough for our club. Please accept my most heartfelt apologies Mr Tiote, as you have displayed today, and in recent weeks, that you are pretty much back to your best.

Credit must also go to the mastermind of UNITED’s victory – Alan Pardew. He got his tactics spot on from the first minute to the last. We dominated the midfield battle from start to finish, got the goal we so desperately needed, and defended with the right balance of caution and expression that saw Santon and Debuchy not only nullify the wing presence of Nani and Januzaj, but also saw them be a thorn in the backside of Evra and Rafael with their marauding runs up-field. UNITED didn’t sit back on their 1 goal lead, and thanks to some smart substitutions and tactical awareness from UNITED’s manager Alan Pardew, not only did we hang on for a famous victory, but we finished as the stronger side. Well done.

So what is next for UNITED? Well without trying to put a dampener on our achievements, I would just like to point out that we still have been incredibly lucky regarding injuries and suspensions, and provided that we do not suffer from either from now until the end of the season, I genuinely think we could push the top 6, which, admittedly, is a revision of my pre-season predictions. However, as most teams do suffer from said injuries/suspensions, I would reckon that it would be remiss of Mike Ashley not to capitalise on the capabilities of this team by not investing in the January transfer window. UNITED’s recent excellent run of form has posed Mr Ashley with a problem – do I gamble on this squad not suffering any injuries and sign no one thus demonstrating my lack of ambition for this club? Or do I sign the players that we need in order to ensure we finish in the top 6, challenging for the Europa League?

Either way, one thing is for certain, us fans will remain UNITED behind this wonderful club. It is time we reclaimed this famous moniker for our club, and let those plastic fans in the North West call themselves something else. What rhymes with Mancers…




  1. What rhymes with Mancers – Dancers?

    I do try my best to be constructive wherever possible but what the hell- if they can’t take a joke, sod ‘em!

    First of all I detect a certain amount of possibly unintended irony in your condemnation of Man U fans because they were leaving before the final whistle. Ironic in so much that it is not that long since we would regularly see Toon fans similarly streaming out of SJP when the games were out of reach. Perhaps you have not been a fan for long. Actually we only need to go back to earlier in the season!

    The fans will remain United??????
    We have the biggest bunch of whiners in the EPL. THey seem to think they should have a say in the running of the club, ignore the fact that we are almost self sustaining and think that loyalty is the same as not being able to offload a player.

    On the subject of irony …….wouldn’t the name NUFC Daily suggest , well, something happening on the site on a day to day basis?


    1. Rob Brown – another Ashley arse licker. The club were in more debt when last accounts were published than when Ashley took over in 2007. FACT.


  2. Good article Ciaran – if you are getting hammered 3 – 0 then it is perhaps understandable leaving early but when only 1 – 0 unbelievable. However I have to say as a ST holder at NUFC I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who go early at half time for their refreshments and then leave early at full time – they must miss about 10 of the 90 minutes. The most irritating part is people have to stand to let them past and obstruct the people behind view – if they have to leave early why not wait for a lull in play e.g. injury, free kick etc and then get up and leave.


    1. I heard 1 or 2 mention that but I always thought it was a small proportion of fans, perhaps it still is. I no longer go to SJP (even though as an Irishman living in the city there is nothing I would love more) but when I was last living here in 09/10 season, I never left a single game early, in fact I always stayed until the stewards were kicking us out because I loved the atmosphere in the place.

      I do think that some sections of our home support has been replaced by a new kind of supporter. Your own personal insights into this would be great.


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