Latest survey is not good reading for Ashley

Quickly losing support

Quickly losing support

The Chronicle has, once more, taken its Big Toon survey halfway through the season to gauge the feelings of its readers on how Newcastle United’s season has been going thus far and how the fans feel about the likes of Pardew, Kinnear and Ashley.

While these results are not a conclusive representation of the feelings of Newcastle United fans, it can be taken as a cross-section of the Newcastle United support and it must be said that the last 6 months have not been kind to Mr Ashley, as the results show.

The last Big Toon Survey was taken at the end of the 2012/13 season, with a surprising amount of Newcastle fans putting their faith in the current custodian of the club. 23.6% of the fans were content, and massive 38.3% were content but waiting for results to improve. While a surprising 29.1% are content with Ashley, only 16% are content but waiting for results to improve.

In the last survey, 6.9% of fans said they were very happy with Ashley and that figure has dipped to 4.2%.

It is in the negative category where results have taken a massive swing however. In the last survey, 20.5% said they were unhappy with Ashley while only 10.7% said it was Time for Change. This time around those figures are much higher with 25.5% unhappy with Ashley’s stewardship and 25.1% now thinking that it is Time for Change.

As I said, many will doubt the validity of these results – probably because they did not bother to fill in the survey themselves – and I agree that they do not reflect the views of every single Newcastle United supporter, but they are meant to act as a representation of a cross-section of the support. With that in mind it would appear that many Newcastle United fans are opening their eyes to Mike Ashley and getting seriously fed up.

It is also worth noting that the survey was conducted before we crashed out of the FA Cup, thus ending our season in January, and if we see another window close without investment, it is beyond the realms to think that many more would become disillusioned with Ashley if that were the case.

Personally I dislike Ashley, I disagree with his method of running the football club. I disagree with the way he treats loyal fans with contempt. I disagree with the ‘Money is my God’ approach he takes to our football club. I disagree with his ‘minimum input, maximum output’ manner of managing the depth of our squad. I disagree with the sheer lack of honest communication that comes from the club. I can safely say that I probably disagree with nearly every aspect of Mike Ashley’s existence in a Newcastle United context.

I look forward to the next Big Toon Survey at the end of the season – which could effectively be taken now because we have little or nothing to play for now given that we have secured our Premier League survival. Ah, the joys of supporting Newcastle United…



  1. The biggest surprise to me is the current 25.1% who feel it is time for change, I honestly thought that that figure would be much higher, the majority of my m8’s are of the view that Pardew and the team are doing ok despite being held back by Ashley, and not succeeding due to Ashley, I did believe that most fans would be thinking on similar lines so I would have expected at least 75% to believe that a change would be for the best, I’m very surprised at the amount who are prepared to keep him as they must surely know that what we have is as good as it will ever be with Ashley at the helm.


  2. I have been following the toon since 1955 and Ashley reminds me of Lord Westwood and the elder McKeag, {monocle and all}, from the 1950’s & ’60’s; albeit Ashley is a lot more competent but with the same bad PR and arrogance. {Can anyone recall the riots with the Gallowgates being taken off and the Board members hiding in the stands?} Unless an owner is willing to buy success as did Abramovich with Chelsea and the Man City owners, or unless one has a legacy of having built up a club by avoiding the maximum wage rule which Man Utd did in the Busby years {but which Westwood refused to do which led to the Eastham debacle}, one can only hope for slow incremental improvement. Ashley does not have the resources to compete with Chelsea, Man City, and Man Utd. Had we not suffered from Souness and Dalglish we could have kicked on with repeated Champions’ League qualification as has Arsenal. At least Newcastle appears to be well run and not an embarrassment; it wasn’t always thus.
    Everyone makes mistakes but the important thing about mistakes {Pardew’s tactics at times and the selection against Cardiff} is that one’s successes are bigger and more frequent and one does not repeat them.
    I am grateful for small mercies.


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