The time is NOW!

Taking action

Taking action!

Good afternoon fellow Toon fans. For once I feel relatively invigorated with all things NUFC. Why is that you ask? Is it because I believe Alan Pardew means what he says when he say he thinks we can finish above Manchester United? Or perhaps I am refreshed in the thought that Davide Santon is the answer to our midfield worries? Or that Papiss Cisse will indeed have a wonderful second half to the season to warrant retaining him for next season? Well let me put you out of your misery and say that it is none of the above – my thoughts on Santon and Cisse are on record and I stand by them. With a better squad, better investment and more options I’d have both out on their asses. And as for finishing above Manchester United? Shut up Pardew. Just shut up.

No, the reason I am feeling invigorated today, despite our season ending a number of weeks ago, is because today I intend to join up with fellow members of the Mike Ashley Out campaign in what should be the first step in a campaign of sustained protest against the owner Mike Ashley.

Having been involved with the Time4Change march back in October – which MAOC was heavily involved in organising – I got to know 1 or 2 of the people working within their organisation. I have followed their progress on Twitter and Facebook and to say that their numbers increased following the derby defeat would be an understatement. It would have been easy for the folks in MAOC to rest on their laurels, but credit where it is due, the people voted with their feet when they flocked to join the MAOC Facebook page – which now has 11,000 followers, and they have responded in kind by organising a gathering for our first home game following the derby defeat.

What is it that they are going to do exactly? I don’t know. That has not been revealed. Presumably because they do not want the club to pre-empt their attempts at protesting – which makes sense to me. So if we don’t know what they are doing then how can we join in with their protests? Well here is what they have released on their Facebook page pertaining to their activism tomorrow.

“#AshleyOut activists, MAOC request your presence at SJP/Strawberry Car-park corner and opposite Shearer’s 6.30pm prior to the Spurs game.

Banners not required, please be sensible and remain within constraints of the law.”

I’m not sure what you lot out there make of the seemingly covert activities that may be in the offing but I certainly won’t be missing an opportunity at making my voice heard against the corruption and chronic lack of ambition that is emanating from the hollow shell that is masquerading as our once great football club.

I hope many, or at least some, of you will join me, if only to say hi – or maybe to give me a harsh word or two for being a right tosser in my articles/comments haha

Anyone interested in keeping up to date with MAOC can find their Facebook page by clicking on this link or by following them @Mike_Ashley_Out on Twitter. Also, they are recruiting volunteers – particularly anyone who still attends St James’ Park. If you would like to lend a hand to the campaign drop them an e-mail at



  1. Can i ask a question, at the time Ashley bought the club. Who else that was in the market for buying clubs at that time would you have preferred over Ashley? Venkies? Gould and Sullivan? Tan?! I know Man city’s Sheiks were supposedly interested but would you really want to be the club that bought the trophies like Chelski. Man city might be a powerhouse now but it’s all hollow, there’s no footballing soul there. Just a conveyor belt of world class mercenaries who are all due to jump ship to PSG once they start flashing their cash and advance up the champions league ladder.

    As for Ashley being a terrible owner, surely he’s not as bad as the two shit bags before him, Shepherd and Hall. They were free wheeling the club out of business with their business strategies and lack of any long term plans.
    Yes it’s great splurging the cash and living for the now but just think on to Man city before the oil money came to town or Leeds united apres champions league semi final and with all those expensive contracts on top of the clubs declining football league status. Even to the lesser clubs who’s finances caught up with them i.e Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday and Portsmouth…..could of been us.

    Yes he’s made mistakes but he has added stability to the books and the managers position. Chopping and changing the manager never works, i think although at the time baffling, Pardews long contract was the right thing to do. Give a manager a chance at a club for once and apart from a blip last season due to injuries and a threadbare squad coping with Europa football, the manager has did a decent job considering his hands are tied by the higher powers. Imagine if Ashley had stuck it out for the long run and backed the manager with cash and players….imagine…..

    But he didn’t and that is in turn due to the fall out with fans. I believe the club will be up for sale once again, once Ashley has recouped his investment in the club. As the majority of Newcastle fans will be glad to see the back of him i reckon he’ll be just as glad to get out town himself. But until then we just have to support the manager and the club and hope Ashley either sells the club quickly to COMPETENT owners or buys in to the Premiership dream and splashes the cash.

    It’s a shame Cabaye had his heart set on anywhere that was playing Champions League football. I don’t think any signings (within the realistic price range-Bale was never an option) would of made him stay. Before he jumped ship to Paris the team was close to challenging the outskirts of champions league spots and had the team been strengthened before the abysmal 12/13 season who knows where the club could be now.


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