It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done…



This will be a brief article just letting my readers know that as I enter into a rather hectic schedule in the upcoming weeks and months ahead, I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting on this blog. As my schedule loosens up, and as I come to grips with new responsibilities in the future perhaps I will be able to post again on a regular basis, but until that time comes, I will be indefinitely hanging up my typing fingers – much to many people’s delight I am sure.

I am involved with a number of different organisations and have recently been given the opportunity to sit on the Newcastle United Supporter’s Trust board so obviously with that comes certain responsibilities. Moving forward, I think it would be advisable that I take a step back from the more opinionated world of blogging and concentrate on my more immediate “real-life” tasks in the near future.

This does not necessarily mean the end of the NUFC Daily, rather ‘goodbye for now’. I am looking forward to this exciting new chapter in my life and am delighted to be working within the only legitimately constituted fans organisation among Newcastle United supporters.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read or comment on my articles, regardless of whether I agreed with you or not and vice versa and look forward to a time where I can lambaste our players, moan about ticket prices, and whine about team selection. However, there are much more pressing concerns in the immediate future, which I will now be putting all of my energies into.

Wish me luck, and show support for the only vehicle for change within Newcastle United; the Newcastle United Supporter’s Trust, to join, just click here



  1. All the Best mate….I think we’re all going to need ‘something else’ to shoehorn that FCB from our club… not that the knows where it is now!

    His contemptable actions towards NUFC’s fans, the media and towards the City this season (and before!) and the half-ar5ed management/directorship he controls speak louder than words! Cashley simply DOESN’T CARE about NUFC and as long as the black and white cash cow brings in the ‘wonga’. (pun intended) he’ll be grinning from ear to ear!
    Because of his regular absence at match days, I genuinely hope he IS scared of us and is planning to sell sooner rather than later – unfortunately we know he’ll pillage SJP and ‘asset strip’ what’s left at the club first though!

    NOTE: Because of the above mentioned and the gutless, heartless and useless HOME performances particularly, my 35 year Toon love affair officially ended last month.It clearly does not warrant the devoted support of 50,000+ and I’m not prepared to watch ‘le lads’ in black and white just giving up so easily as they have done in the recent how many (too many) games!

    We need another Messiah! I’m NOT holding my breath!!!


  2. Ciaran I don’t always agree with you about everything anti-Ashley but I know you want the best for NUFC so good luck with your new position but don’t forget about your degree 😉


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