Ashley the Cancer, Pardew the symptom

Accomplices in crimes against NUFC

Accomplices in crimes against NUFC

Following a run of form that has seen Newcastle United lose their last 6 games on the spin, as well as only picking up 12 points since Boxing Day, it would appear that chants and banners of “Pardew Out” are now all the rage. However, I am going to take a different spin on our recent abysmal run of form. I’ve never been in vogue, so why change now?

Alan Pardew is a disgrace to this football club, don’t get me wrong, but he is but symptom of a rampant tumour that ravages Newcastle United ever since it first reared its seemingly benign head above the parapet 7 long years ago. That cancer is, of course, Mike Ashley.

While I cannot disagree with the fans who like to voice their disaffection at the silver-haired lothario who tells more lies and reels off so much spin that it is a wonder he isn’t dizzy, but I cannot help but feel that the bigger picture is being missed entirely.

I don’t for one second feel that Pardew deserves any sympathy, after all, this is a man who has effectively called our working class fans and youngsters thick as pig s**t, as well as having blamed our recent slump in from on everything from the wind, to science, to the local press, to even having the gall to claim that recent fan unrest has been a factor in the shocking performances from our ‘team’.  This is a man who is wholly inadequate for this job, a job any manager in world football should be considered lucky to have, and the fact that he is the 2nd longest-serving manager in the Premier League, and our longest-serving manager since Sir Bobby Robson is NOT testament to how well he has done at our club, but rather an indicator of the mediocrity that Mike Ashley is willing to accept in order to make money.

By all means, vent your spleen, call for Pardew’s head, and who knows, Mike Ashley might even listen. He could grant your wish and appoint Michael Laudrup, or even woo Jose f***ing Mourinho to the club, but if you think that will make one little difference to the long-term future of Newcastle United, you are kidding yourself, and then some.

Mike Ashley had no qualms walking over the likes of Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer and Chris Hughton – men who command respect in these parts.

Mike Ashley had no problem selling the name of our historic stadium to ‘showcase the earning potential’ to other sponsors.

Mike Ashley had no problem flogging Yohan Cabaye, our best player, mid-way through a season after we’d secured safety without ever bothering to replace him (not surprising, he still hasn’t replaced Demba Ba with a permanent signing by the way)

Mike Ashley had no problem appointing Joe Kinnear for a second stint at our club despite being yet another incompetent idiot not fit for the job.

Mike Ashley didn’t bat an eye lid when we went through not 1, but 2 transfer windows without making a single permanent signing!

These fans who are calling for ‘Pardew Out’ are gunning for the easy option. These fans want short-term gain at the expense of the long-term safety and security of our once great football club. I am glad they are raising their voices, but they are hurling their abuse in the wrong direction.

So, altogether now; “What do we want? ASHLEY OUT! When do we want it? NOW!”



    1. Good question Davie. I suggest you go on to the Newcastle United Supporters Trust website for a look at an organisation who are trying to provide an alternative to Mike Ashley


  1. Bravo Ruddy. A nice read so it was. It’s the way you tell them.

    If you could give me my 10 pounds at some point today for the above praise, that would be great.



  2. Here Davie

    How about we arrange to meet him near a deep hole ?
    Then we could throw him into the hole and bury him ?

    If people starting asking questions we’ll just blame it on Peter Wade aka Ibizatoon.


  3. Just an observation Ruddy, But there doesn’t seem to be many people in this neck of the woods ? Probably something to do with those rumours a while back. Nasty business that was….

    Think you need to re-brand yourself tbh

    I enjoy your articles though.


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