World Cup, Slow Summer and Other Musings

The season has been over for quite some time now and my interest in all things NUFC has all but waned (save for the fine work that is being done behind the scenes by NUST if I say so myself). While my interest in Newcastle United has been severely drained, I still love this club, and while writing about the situation it currently finds itself in, it is still my club.

With that in mind, the first thing I am going to talk about (to get it out of the way if nothing else) is Newcastle United! The end of the season ended not with a bang but with a whimper. Despite putting up a decent show for 60 minutes against a Liverpool side, whose title dreams were all but over by the time we’d played them, we succumbed to the inevitable capitulation that has become synonymous with Alan Pardew’s team and ended up losing out 2-1 to the Premier League runners-up. A top 10 finish was guaranteed, the players and staff received their ill-deserved bonuses and the fans were left feeling hollow and empty following a season that promised much in the first half of the campaign, but ended up delivering nothing but disappointment.

Now we have seen the departures of loan men Loic Remy and Luuk de Jong; the former going on to pastures new, the latter should likely be questioning his career in the game. We have also seen fringe man Gosling and ‘local hero’ Shola Ameobi leave the club as well. I won’t say anything about Shola other than the fact that only 1 Newcastle manager ever tried to offload Shola, and that was Kevin Keegan, make of that what you will. It is likely that we will see other departures – Colo has pledged his future to the club, which is usually a sign that a player is off, Davide Santon has always courted interest from Italy and frankly he’s going nowhere at this club and should leave, and Hatem Ben Arfa is being left in no doubt how much he is detested by the management at our club that he’d be crazy to stay at Newcastle United, no matter how beloved he is in the North East of England. Then you have the likes of Krul, Debuchy, Cisse, Marveaux et al whose futures will be considered if the price is right. The reality is that we could be looking at a number of departures this summer from what is already a weak and thin squad.

Which brings me to my next point; signings. As aforementioned, we have an already weak and thin squad – the same could have been said at the beginning of the LAST summer transfer window – and with the departure of Remy, Cabaye, Gosling and Shola, we have both a numerically weaker squad and a squad much weaker in quality. To even start next season with the same standard of squad as we began the season with, we would need to sign at least 1 top striker, and 2 first team midfield players (because Cabaye is just that good!). The likelihood of bringing 3 players to immediately impact the first team is slim due to the outlay required and the fact that we’ve not signed 3 first team players since January 2012 when we were staring down the barrel of relegation from the Premier League. What is concerning from my point of view is the standard of player we are currently looking at. Just this week we have secured the permanent (yes permanent) signing of Ayoze Perez, a 20-year-old kid who scored 15 goals in the Spanish Second Division for Tenerife. While he seems like a talented young man, this is not what we need. With Campbell and Armstrong we already have talented youngsters for Pardew to ruin, so why sign another one? We’ve also been strongly linked with Geordie Mackem Jack “shush the Gallowgate, piss-taking t**t” Colback who other than the fact that he’s acted like an utter knob-head in the last derby, is simply not good enough for Newcastle United. Yes he’s a Geordie – so are the majority of the 52,000 in the stadium. While we all would give our last breath for the club, it doesn’t change the fact that being a Geordie is not a defence for being shite. Loving the club is not enough, and following his antics in the derby I wonder how much he loves the club. Comparisons with Lee Clarke are as erroneous as they are idiotic (SMB anyone?). So Perez and Colback? I’m sorry, but unless we make 6 first team signings on top of these woefully uninspired signings, I don’t think we’ve a cat in hell’s chance of replicating our undeserved top 10 finish next season.

I could ramble on about Pardew but we all know he’s going nowhere until Ashley does so what’s the point?

Thankfully, while Newcastle United provide no sweet relief for my breaking heart, this summer tosses up some form of football relief with the World Cup in Brazil. As an Irishman I tend to enter international tournaments as a neutral due to the gutsy, yet ultimately unsuccessful qualification campaigns from us Irish. Our Euro 2012 exploits showed that sometimes it’s best that we don’t qualify though…Anyway, having said that, I’m not really a neutral. By that I mean that I always want the side who plays the best football to win, and I always want England to lose. As someone who now finds himself exiled in England, this point of view may not go down so well. However, I can qualify that by saying that the rest of the world wants England to lose so I’m not alone. Hell, even some English people are so fed up with England that they want England to lose so I’m definitely not alone! I look forward to watching the cheers (most likely Spanish, German or Brazilian), the tears (hopefully English) and beers (doesn’t matter what country they come from, preferably German mind) that the World Cup will have to offer, and at least that will break the monotony of the summer until the misery of next season comes creeping back around.

As the headline suggested, I was going to offer other musings, now that I’ve come to it, I’m not exactly sure what others musings really means. I’ve adhered strictly to a NUFC blog recently and given that this is going to bore the bollocks off me next season, mainly because I’m boycotting even watching the Toon next season, I won’t really have much to write about. I suppose I could write about the fact that our near neighbours Gateshead were so unfortunate in their attempt to seek promotion to the Football League. Having watched their 2-1 defeat against Cambridge United I was as distraught for them, however Gary Mills has done a superb job with them and surely Gateshead enter next season in good stead to push for promotion. I certainly will be heading to the Gateshead International Stadium for a few games next season, giving my money to a club who are striving to be better than what they are, a manager who gets the most from his players and an owner keen on providing a club that represents the community is a damning indictment of where NUFC are right now. Well done Gateshead on a great season, here’s to making next season even better.

I suppose I could also talk about politics and how the whole entire system is utterly f**ked and how our mainstream parties have cocked things up by letting the right-wing nut-jobs UKIP get their foot in the door almost certainly guaranteeing a Con-Kip coalition following next year’s General Election. However, I’ll probably only be inviting these wing-bats onto my blog so here’s a disclaimer, if you’re a UKIP voter F**K OFF!

I could also talk about music, and how the Smiths are geniuses, how Justin Bieber should hang himself like the little racist toe-rag he is, and how modern music makes my ears bleed.

I think I’ll touch on all these subjects and more in later entries. I’m going to verge away from solely NUFC related topics, and while this contradicts the ‘NUFC Daily’ handle of the blog, it’s a domain name I can’t change, and frankly can’t be arsed changing. It’s my blog, I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it. Don’t like it. Tough.

So, that’s it in a nut-shell folks. Newcastle United is f**ked. Politics is f**ked. Music is f**ked. As Howard Beale, played by the wonderful Peter Finch once said, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Feel free to comment, unless you’re UKIP or going to be a critical f**ker, in that case you can bugger off!



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