Murdoch and Ashley in Cahoots?

Ashley's new ally?

Ashley’s new ally?

Let’s be honest, journalists, and the parasitic profession that is journalism, has taken quite a blow following the Leveson enquiry, and in particular, the phone-hacking scandal. What once was a profession dedicated to the dissemination of information, has morphed into one that has become more interested in spreading tabloid nonsense and celebrity gossip, indeed going to extreme, even illegal, lengths to be able to do so.  Journalists will do anything, and write any old garbage if they feel it will help sell a few more of their filthy rags to the blinkered masses.

With that glowing introduction in mind, it would appear that Newcastle United may be aligning themselves with the very worst of a very bad bunch, with many taking to social media to question the links between Ashley-owned Newcastle United and Rupert Murdoch’s offspring, The Sun. It has come to light that The Sun was the only newspaper invited to a recent press conference according to some national journalists, leading many to think that there has been some agreement between the two parasites to offer exclusive reporting rights on Newcastle United to The Sun in exchange for cash.

This is not the first time the “Cash-for-access” question has been raised with regards Newcastle United, with many national newspaper outlets reporting that Newcastle United had attempted to sell access to journalists and their publications last December. The club vehemently denied any attempts to pursue such a course of action, however, their more recent denials of this practice do not hold up much water with a club spokesperson recently stating,

“We’ve not announced any media partnership with any newspaper so there’s nothing really else I can say.”

We’ve not announced any media partnership so there’s nothing really else I can say!? Hardly amounts to a categoric denial of the practice. In fact, what that amounts to is a disgusting PR attempt to con and deceive by wriggling out of the question by not giving a straight answer. While it appears the club are denying they have a media partnership with The Sun, what they are really stating is that they have simply not announced one which is not the same thing as denying its existence is it?

Following the banning of local newspaper publications NCJ Media, parent company of The Chronicle and The Journal, and now the apparent existence of “Cash-for-access” at Newcastle United, you can be guaranteed that there will be no accurate, or in-depth reporting coming from any journalist associated with Newcastle United (not that The Chronicle and The Journal ever did any in the first place, but you see where I’m coming from).

Finally, if the club were going to pursue such a pitiful practice of charging journalists the RIGHT to report on our football club, did they have to align themselves with such a detestable reputation such as The Sun’s? What was the selling point? “Dear Mr Ashley, we can’t flog this rag to the working people of Liverpool because of our gross misreporting of the Hillsborough disaster, do you think the Geordies are stupid enough to buy it?” I’m sure you can guess Mr Ashley’s response to that one.



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