Should Loic Remy be given a THIRD chance at NUFC?

In recent light of events with the Loic Remy saga, the question posed in this article is, should he be given a third chance at Newcastle United?



Recent days have seen Loic Remy’s imminent arrival to Liverpool, only to then fail his medical, this came as quite a shock to QPR officials and manager Harry Redknapp who was quoted saying;

“I don’t really see how he could have failed a medical

“He’s never had a problem with his fitness – you couldn’t meet a fitter lad.

“I’ve seen the story break but I don’t know how there can be an issue with his fitness – he’s got no problems whatsoever.

“There must have been a breakdown or they’ve changed their mind or they’ve decided to move in another direction.

“It’s not fair on him because it’s my opinion and the opinion of everybody else – he’s never had a problem before.”

Now moving on from that, Loic Remy had a chance to sign for Newcastle United before he ended up choosing QPR after playing Fifa with owner Tony Fernandes. That instantly put Loic into the bad books of Newcastle United fans! Choosing money to play for a relegation bound club, rather than a top club such as Newcastle.

And then he came, on loan of course, Mike Ashley decided it was a better move to sign Remy on loan rather than a permanent transfer. He then went on to score 14 goals in 26 appearances and made a huge impact at St. James’ Park. But at the end of the season he expressed his desire to move on to greener pastures when he decided he wanted to join Arsenal, and told Newcastle he wanted to play for a Champions League club. That would be strike 2, Loic.

And now, because he was rejected by Arsenal, and with a failed medical at Liverpool, I don’t think Loic Remy will want to stay with QPR, the question is, should Newcastle United break the bank and welcome him with open arms? After he’s turned the Toon down twice already? Does he deserve a third chance? Or should Newcastle United themselves, look elsewhere?

For the right price I’d say absolutely, many people would see him as disloyal and not motivated. I merely see it as this; If you’re working, and you’re offered a promotion, you don’t turn it down. He was offered more money and also had hopes of Champions League football second time around! Now he’s got us or QPR, get yourself here Remy!



  1. Don’t forget ncle took him when he had a court case hanging over his head.
    He was full of gratitude to ncle for taking a chance on him but that only lasted 10 minutes once the case was thrown out.


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