Boycott or not? That is the question

Is now the time?

Is now the time?

There can be no two ways about it: Newcastle United are in dire straits. Despite being relatively safe from relegation by the turn of the New Year, we have gone on an unenviable run of picking up 0 points in our last 8 games  Even Pardew managed better than that and he was shite.

A few weeks ago, following on from yet another horrific derby defeat, many fans took it upon themselves to organise a boycott of the next home game which was against Spurs. Varying numbers were floated about but upwards of 10,000 people boycotted that game. It was magic. These protests spilled over into the next home game against Swansea, and then again away to Leicester, and while results have not picked up, some fans remain resilient in their view that protesting, and boycotting, are the right things to do.

However, some disagree.

Some would have you believe that it is the protests that are causing, or at least contributing, to the team’s terrible run of form. Some would have you believe that protesting against the pantomime villain that is Mike Ashley, will only serve to hasten our impending exit from the Premier League. These people plea on bended knee begging us to reconsider our protests for the sake of the team. But more importantly, for the sake of a Premier League status they value so much.

I have my own doubts as to the validity of these pleas. To those people I would say – stop blaming your fellow fan for our woes and start demanding more of the coaches, players, directors and, of course, the illustrious owner, who have put us in this position in the first place. Stop looking for the ready made scapegoat that was so often used as the reason for our relegation in 2008/09 (despite those protests being at the bloody start of the season!)

To those who are thinking of crossing the picket line again, I plead with you to hang tough. We are not to blame. None of this is our fault. Do not succumb to their scaremongering. They are only appealing to you because they know how much they have f**ked up. The problem is, they have f**ked up like this in the past, and they are going to f**k up like this again in the future unless we say enough is enough.

I urge you to boycott the West Bromwich Albion game. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then at least make your voice heard for 90 minutes. Not just on the 17th or the 34th. After all, if you can’t at the very least do that, what the hell are you going for in the first place?

I think protests and boycotts are the only way we can affect real change. What do you think?



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