Guest Writers

The NUFC Daily is looking for talented writers who are seeking a platform to share their love and knowledge of Newcastle United. You can write whatever you want; be that transfer speculation, injury news, tactics and formations, or simply to vent or praise the club for the ups and downs they drag us through!

Don’t hesitate, engage those itchy fingers and write an article for us and you could have it published here! Simply get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site and we will get back to you!



  1. It’s good to have the freedom to express oneself but I for one am sick of this anti the establishment brigade who think there talking for all the supporters. I have followed Newcastle for almost 50 years and in that time have missed fewer than a dozen home matches and that includes cup and friendlies so I think I can call myself a supporter, I don,t need or want any section of the supporters fringe groups to say there talking for the majority cos there certainly not talking for me or most of my friends I’m not Anti Ashley. I have lived through far far worse owners than Mr Ashley try the Westwoods or McKeags. Some supporters even got on John Halls back because he had the audacity to pay himself a hefty bonus yet he gambled on Newcastle when others would’nt and brought the cream of football to St James Park. Yes Ashleys made mistakes in some cases huge ones but who has’nt. He does’nt talk to the fans but which football club owners do. If we all want a successful club we need all to pull together in the same direction. Come on Mr Ashley give the toon another chance and come on all sane supporters give Mr Ashley another chance. Please be careful what you wish for see Leeds as a prime example K


    1. I appreciate your comment. While you are not anti-Ashley, many supporters (some who have supported the club as long, and as ferociously as you have) are anti-Ashley. Being in worse times on the pitch does not mean one has to accept the mediocrity that we are being fed. I’ve heard people say that never before has there been this level of disconnect between the club and its fans. I believe Ashley has went too far and will never be forgiven by some fans – myself included. Some people want to play in the Premier League at all costs. I don’t. I just want my club back.


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