SPORTS DIRECT owner Ashley flogs Rangers gear in NUFC Club shop!

That's not a Newcastle top...

That’s not a Newcastle top…

What will Ashley think of next?  Ashley seems hell-bent on pissing off Newcastle United fans up and down the country with his latest in a long line of gaffs.

Having read on the internet and from other fans that the club were apparently selling Rangers merchandise in the Newcastle United club shop online, I refused to believe it. I refused to believe that even Ashley could stoop to those depths. However, when I went to check myself, the irrefutable proof was there. Ashley is now selling Rangers tat (apologies to all Ranger fans) in our online club shop!

So obviously that raises a number of questions. Primarily, if someone buys a Rangers top from our online club shop, who gets the money? Is it Newcastle United or is it Rangers F.C? The answer? Potentially neither of them. It would appear that whenever you buy club merchandise, your contract is not with Newcastle United, it is with Sports Direct. There is no proof that Ashley invests money made from merchandise – which goes to Sports Direct – back into the club. This is a man who doesn’t even pay for advertising for his tacky sweatshop, so I am not going to hold my breath and assume he is putting the money made from merchandise back into our coffers.

So whenever you are buying merchandise (like those bloody awful Wonga tops!) and you are claiming “I am financially supporting the club” just think again. The club may not even be seeing a single penny of what you are spending. So when it comes to spending your money on the club, you really need to think closely.

Mike Ashley is a poison in this club. Every day he is allowed to sit in his ivory tower and do what he wants, he will see that as a victory. What he doesn’t seem to realise is that there is a growing wave of discontent. There are people sick of seeing him piggy back on the great name of Newcastle United Football Club as a vehicle for him to make Sports Direct money. We are a more historic brand than his tacky sweatshop will ever be and it is high time we stood up for ourselves.

There is a storm coming Mr Ashley. Are you ready for the fight?

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  1. I’ve been boycotting Ashley brands for ages, not hard as there all tat merchants, or so I thought. Did you know he also owns chunks of USC, Flannels, Cruise and kids brand Republic? Start spreading the word so people aren’t giving him money unwittingly….


  2. There are ways to respond. All season ticket holders who have the option to bow out of the fixed cost scheme do so. Encourage all new comers not to invest in new season tickets and strangle that source of income. Unite all fan groups and attack the regime at all televised matches


    1. Well that is the aim of Time4Change, unite all fans groups in a bid to tackle the regime. Hopefully you will show your support to whatever they try to do next, as I feel momentum is building to achieve something.


  3. I’ll be cancelling my direct debit in February 2014 Ciaran; the fact that Glasgow Rangers merchandise is on sale in NUFC Club Shops is the straw that has broken my back. I’ve been attending games since 1973 and purchased as season ticket as soon as finances allowed – I’ve had my fill, Newcastle is not United and I will not return until the odious dictator has gone.


    1. That is an incredibly bold move Philip, one that I am sure that you did not take lightly. It must have been incredibly difficult to say ‘enough is enough’ but that does not make you less of a Newcastle United fan. Brave decision, fair play to you. Perhaps we will see more people take similar measures, or perhaps Ashley will sign a few players in January because he knows renewals are coming up soon…


  4. I’m 50 years of age and as the song goes, I’ve travelled far and wide but today it hit me. My mother is 87 years old, I inherited my love of the club from her; she reads the Chronicle every night to ensure she knows what is going on – are you listening Wendy Taylor? Your dictator of an employer is hitting the vulnerable and that is not taking into account the right of free speech. I’m not alone, of our crowd, 5 or 6 have now boycotted all games, it is the silent majority the club needs to worry about.


    1. Here is hoping that the silent majority each do their little bit to affect change. If the silent majority stay silent, the regime will never be removed.

      I am encouraged by supporters like you and your friends who have taken some form of action.

      I strongly suspect that if Time4Change organised another march, there would be a big increase in the numbers turning up.


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